Generate and copy random password goes weird

The “Generate and copy a new random password to the clipboard” shortcut and Generate password (copied) don’t copy the generated password. It still saves that password into password history though. Manually copying from extension works fine. (i just noticed this because a website said the password was weak). I’m using edge

by the way the generate username is really handy lol, didn’t know that

Hello and welcome to the community!

I am using FF 2024.4.1 and they both copy to clipboards. It sounds like a bug, and maybe you should file it. Obviously, they are going to ask if you have uninstalled/re-installed the extension, to assign the shortcuts to something other keys, to wipe out the shortcut key (and restart the browser) and then put the old one back to see if any of these would work.

ps: I don’t know if you know about the alias email generation (integration with DDG, SimpleLogin, Firefox Relay, feature. I love this feature even more than the username generation.