Browser Extension proxy to App

Just an idea.

Browser Extension proxy to App

  • Browser extension that does not log into a vault, or list any passwords. Rather, it simply connects to the running Bitwarden application and requests a single relevant password for the immediate website.

Feature function

  • Avoids the need to type or store master password in the browser.
  • Avoids anxiety with browser extension/sandboxing vulnerabilities.
  • Still allows unlock extension via pin or otherwise.


It connects to the local unlocked password database on your local machine.

When this is done, only the relevant accounts are fetched, and you can select to auto-fill. (idk when it fetches the passwords - whether it is on-page-load or on-click. But it would be good if it fetches only usernames/display names for the user to choose from, and only fetches the password on-click)

Nothing is stored in the browser and there is slightly more peace of mind.

Another alternative is to connect the browser extension to the online database - and fetch the usernames/passwords on-demand.