Bootstrap-autofill.js freezing the browser

I’ve been happily using Bitwarden on Brave for a couple of years now, and things were pretty fine.
This morning for some reason Bitwarden and Homeassistant’s web interface (which I used just fine until going to sleep) started fighting:
Whenever I open HA’s dashboard the tab freezes, opening the dev tools and hitting “pause” in the JS debugger shows BW plugging stuck in bootstrap-autofill.js between queryShadowRoots and recursivelyQueryShadowRoots. They seem to be dealing with hundreds of thousands of shadow roots that don’t seem to be there (O.o).
Turning BW’s extension off makes everything go back to normal.
Checking the extensions manager I see my BW’s playing version is: 2024.6.0
so seems quite new, perhaps I hit a weird new bug?

@unlucio Hi!

I’m not familiar with “self-hosted”, but it sounds like it could be the same bug as is discussed here (spoiler: bug fix seems to be on it’s way): Bitwarden Chrome extension update causes Home Assistant website to hang

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