Bitwarden Chrome extension update causes Home Assistant website to hang

The latest Bitwarden extension for the Google Chrome browser is causing my Home Assistant web site to hang.

I disabled all my Chrome extensions except Bitwarden.
With the Bitwarden extension enabled, the Home Assistant website freezes.
With the Bitwarden extension disabled, the Home Assistant website is fine.

What options/workarounds do I have?


@major_west Welcome to the forum!

For trouble-shooting purposes, please make the following changes:

  • In Settings > Auto-fill, change “Show auto-fill menu on form fields” to “Off”.

  • In Settings > Auto-fill, disable (uncheck) “Auto-fill on Page Load”.

  • In Settings > Notifications, disable (uncheck) “Ask to save and use passkeys”.

  • In Settings > Notifications, disable (uncheck) “Ask to add login”.

  • In Settings > Notifications, disable (uncheck) “Ask to update existing login”.

Does this prevent Bitwarden from interfering with the Home Assistant website?

Hi grb,
I made the settings changes you suggested, but the Home Assistant website still freezes.

Two more things to try:

  1. Fully uninstall (remove) the Bitwarden extension, then install version 2024.6.0 from the Chrome Web Store.

  2. Make the same changes as above, and in addition, add the full domain name for your HA website to the exclusion list (Settings > Notifications > Excluded Domains).

Neither of these fixed it.

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Thanks for the follow-up.

In that case, you should contact support for further assistance. You may also consider filing a bug report (“New Issue”) on Bitwarden’s GitHub.

I am having the exact same issue. I am using Edge however. The Bitwarden Browser Extension is definitely the cause of the freezing. Narrowed it down by process of elimination, also in the Dev Console I can see it is hanging on Autofill related stuff.

I am using Edge on MacOS (M3 CPU)

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There is already an issue filed; also a problem with Chrome, Edge, and Safari. There is a workaround, but seems like a roll-back may be a better option. BW staff mentioned that they couldn’t duplicate it, so whoever is having the problem may want to add more info to GitHub report to make sure the problem gets fixed.

No issues with Chrome here, just MS Edge (I don’t use Safari).
The page not responding arises in Edge when opening Home Assistant URL with or without a page containing a camera image…

Same thing happens to me on Microsoft Edge too. Only fix is to disable the Bitwarden extension

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…which is royal PITA!

Signed up to report, that my HA dashboard also hangs with bitwarden enabled on Edge on Win11

Same issue edge and self hosted home assitant details posted to Github macos 2024.6.0 some websites stalls if extension is active · Issue #9617 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub

Add me to the list… same issue with MS Edge. Disable Bitwarden extension, no crashes. Enable, website crashes.

As a work-around, I’ve switched to using Firefox since Home Assistant and Bitwarden work fine together. The transition to Firefox was painless as Firefox automatically transfers your bookmarks and browser extensions from Chrome.

Same issue on vivaldi on gerrit sites.

FYI, a temporary work-around was posted on GitHub.

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Hi all. The team has discovered the issue and we are working on a fix to resolve the the problem ASAP.


If you are using Bitwarden cloud-hosted version, you can simply re-sync your vault and the problem should now go away. We are working on submitting a new version to the browser stores to address the issue for self-hosted Bitwarden users. You can also downgrade your browser extension client to 2024.5.x in the meantime to resolve the issue as well.


Any planned date for the fixed browser extension client version?