Blank list of logins and everything in the vault

Hello all,
I recently had a weird situation on my Android app. When I opened the app, I had the normal list within the vault, with logins notes folders and so on…but everything was blank.
Sync did not give any errors. I could access in logins and secure notes, but everything was blank.
I had to log out and re add my account. I have two accounts added on my app.
Android v. 12
Bitwarden v. 2024.4.0

Some people experienced this in the past. There doesn’t seem to be a permanent solution beyond what you did:

Did you just change your login-email, master password, encryption settings or anything else that affects the entire account? We have seen instances where these have failed part way through. Contact support. They have been able to help others.

Also, if you are not already, you might want to start creating occasional backups. They go a long ways in reducing stress in situations like this.

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Hello, nope I didn’t change anything. This happened when I was on the road in my car, with no laptop … you can imagine the frustration then.
But after I logged back everything worked fine.
Thank you for the tip, but I’m the guy that has backup of the backup of the backup of the backup in multiple places :grin:

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Glad to hear that logout/in fixed it. Thanks for letting us know the results.