All vault items are blank

Hi, recently I logged in and all my passwords have been deleted - all the fields have no usernames also. I can still see the 47 icons and note signs in my vault - but each one of them is completely empty. Has my data been breached/ stolen/ hacked?

Log into your web vault at Bitwarden Web Vault and let us know what the results are that you see.

I saw something similar once using a browser extension, it occurred after I installed the browser extension on a different browser and logged in, while still logged in using the original browser. Shortly thereafter everything was fine.

Hi thank you so much. After logging in the web vault, I could see all the filled fields again. Also deauthorised all sessions and now it’s working on the app also.

Glad to hear. Yes, it’s a little bit of a scary moment when it occurs.

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FYI, I changed the topic title to “All vault items are blank” (was “Data has been stolen from Bitwarden”).

Glad your problem resolved itself!

This happened to me too about a week ago. Some combination of logging out & uninstalling/reinstalling the app fixed it, but still, it’s absolutely terrifying when it happens.

IMHO fixing this should be pretty high priority for the Bitwarden team.

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Thinking there is actually a security reason behind this but I could be completely wrong.

It would be nice to get some clarification from the Bitwarden team.

FWIW I have also ran into this issue albeit rarely, usually though during account switching and as mentioned typically a complete Log out of the account and subsequent Login will resolve the issue.

So I believe it may stem from an issue related to decrypting items in memory.
Also related post which has similar results.

I am having this same issue, and the steps to deauthorize all sessions fixed it yesterday, but today it’s happening again. This is really frustrating because it means the auto fill integration isn’t working and if I want a password from my phone I have to either sign in and search in my web browser or go to my laptop.

Any advice on how to fix this more permanently would be appreciated!

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