Bitwarden Safari extension for iOS and iPadOS

The Bitwarden extension works great on my MacBook. But I also often use my iPad Air M1 with Magic Keyboard as a laptop, because it is a lot smaller.
Many password managers now have a browser extension for Safari on iOS and iPadOS. I would like to have a Bitwarden browser extension on my iPad and iPhone.
This gives a bit of a desktop PC feeling on my iPad, when you use Stage Manager here.
Is this something Bitwarden could develop?

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Hi @Martijnn! We do have a browser extension available for Safari, which I’ve personally used on my iPad mini (though I don’t use Stage Manager) and we also have the Bitwarden mobile app available for iPhones.

Could you clarify what’s missing or what else you’re looking for? Any examples or references would be great!

Hi @sj-bitwarden! Actually, Bitwarden does not have a browser extension for iOS and iPadOS.
Below is an example of the 1Password browser extension for iPadOS.

And this is what the extension looks like on iOS:


@Martijnn, you’re totally correct! :woman_facepalming:

The Safari browser extension is currently only compatible with MacOS, not iPadOS. I was thinking of using the iOS app on my iPad. I’ll definitely share the feedback with the team!


Hi, just to add a bit of context and in case it’s helpful. Bitwarden on iPad does have a Safari extension, but it’s not what the OP (and me) are looking for. The current extension consists of a Bitwarden shortcut in the “share” menu.

A better extension like the one we have on MacOS would be very useful. Right now filling passwords on iPad can (sometimes) be cumbersome, to the point that i find myself saving some of my passwords in Apple’s keychain just for the convenience of it.

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Hi @Dani_Barca , I think you are confusing browser extensions with share extensions. Safari browser extensions for iOS and iPadOS were introduced in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15.

I hope Bitwarden considers developing this, as I don’t always find the share extension for autofill to work well.

Unfortunately that’s a deal breaker for me. I was looking for a new password manager to replace EnPass, but without an iPadOS or IOS extension for Safari, it’s a no from me.

Hi this is a key feature for me . Some websites are not able to be autofilled as it cant be detected by keyboard as a password

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Very much looking for this functionality as well, as I had with LastPass. Borderline dealbreaker.

I would also like to have this. Would consider getting premium subscription if this was part of that.

Hi all - thanks for the input. The mobile team is currently working on transitioning our Xamarin mobile apps to the native mobile apps, as detailed by our CTO here. Until that transition is complete, the Safari mobile extension is not prioritized. Will update this thread if that changes.

Hi, thank you for the update. Could you share the current plan for this story to be released or give an outlook to your upcoming releases?

Just jumping on “me want iOS Safari extention”-train. Do you have other browsers extions to iOS that works instead? Eg I could move to Chrome or other browsers to get an extention and autofill of passwords to work.

+1 for the feature

I got my new ipad air, but it seems I would have to move to another password manager that has support for safari extension on ipad

its sad they have not prioritized it yet

Plus 1 for this , really would love to see an extension for iOS similar to what 1password offers . Hope this is developed soon :blush:

Hello all. I installed the Bitwarden app on my iPad, then went into the iPad settings and under password options, I disabled the iCloud Keychain password manager and selected Bitwarden instead.

Now, when I visit a website where I have a password saved in Bitwarden, I get a password button at the bottom of the screen where that takes me to the Bitwarden wallet where I enter my passphrase and the password can be selected for the site I’m visiting.

Hope this helps everyone.