Bitwarden on PC (Windows/MAC) : Ability to have window associations

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Hello everyone,

I am new to bitwarden - moved recently from KeePass. The main reason for moving to bitwarden was the ability to sync passwords across platforms. While bitwarden is great for use with Web browsers, there are some features missing on PC that I had on Keepass. One of them is autofill on Windows.

Basically, Keepass has this feature where you can associate entries with windows, based on the window title. For example, say I have steam installed on my PC; I can associate steam’s entry on Keepass to the Steam Window, which helps me autofill credentials on the app each time I log in.

I believe this feature is not present on Bitwarden yet, you have to manually enter enter/copy credentials on native windows applications.

Is it possible or is it a feature request?


There already is a feature request for this:

In there @dh024 mentioned the roadmap and pointed out to someone else that…

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Thanks Peter_H.