Auto-type/Autofill for logging into other desktop apps

Just switched from Firefox Lockwise + KeePassXC setup to Bitwarden Premium, but I’m very disappointed after discovering there’s no auto-type feature and may have to switch back.

Okay let’s not be that harsh, as you said, the devs did amazing work with bitwarden as a whole, no need to insult. But, for my personal use at least, this is the most needed missing feature by far. The only one to make bitwarden tick all the boxes tbh. Seeing it having such low priority over such a long time can be frustrating I guess


I just had a meeting with our support team and this feature is the current dealbreaker for us.
We really want to switch to Bitwarden Business, preferably with the self-hosted option, but a good auto-type functionality is an absolute must.
We work with RDP, TeamViewer, SSH and in 9/10 cases, copy+pasting simply does not work as it has been stated by others in this thread.

We need an auto-type feature WITH the option to set typing delay etc… basically just like in KeePass / KeePassXC.

Please make this feature a priority! It’s the top 2 upvoted feature!
As soon as it’s done, we’ll change to Bitwarden.

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Two years later, rip.

@dwbit mentioned a few times that the feature is in “research” and that it’s on the road map, but I can’t figure out which thing on the roadmap image is supposed to be “autotype”.

…Maybe “desktop app upgrades”, if I’m being… charitable?

TGreer is the wrong person to address as some months ago he unfortunately left Bitwarden.

You didn’t look very hard. Literally, it’s in the second line under the title which says: “Ongoing Research: …Auto-type/Autofill for logging into other desktop apps”

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Lack of this makes desktop Bitwarden kind of… pointless? I’m wondering how many people:
a) use Bitwarden browser without Bitwarden desktop
b) use both
c) use only Bitwarden desktop
I’m definitely in the a) group as I launched it only twice. Both times were to set it up on new machines just in case. All other usages were in Chrome/Opera when it comes to PC because why not, I have browser open at all times anyways.

So I’m also surprised it wasn’t really prioritized looking at the history of this thread.

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Thanks for the feedback, there are some users using the desktop app who prefer not to use the auto-fill function, the desktop app also provides TouchID authentication for the browser extension, an offline cache, and the ability to export your vault data.

Feature name

  • Enter the name/concept of the feature being requested: Local Password Fill

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently? Fill passwords in local apps, like Quicken vault. Roboform does this.
  • What benefits will this feature bring? Less typing of passwords.

I am in process of switching from Roboform to Bitwarden.

This is THE one feature I miss from Roboform!

To move to Bitwarden at work we’d need the ability to launch applications with usernames/passwords as command line parameters

e.g launching Putty
C:\Program Files\PuTTY\putty.exe -ssh {USERNAME}@hostname -pw {PASSWORD}

I just bought 1 year of premium, created my own self-hosted server, migrated all my data from KeePass, and found out that this feature is not supported.
Saying that I’m extremely disappointed, would be an understatement, the lack of this feature makes the desktop app completely useless.
I never even considered something basic like this would not be included…
Guess I wasted my money, because I definitely won’t use a service without this feature.

The fact that this discussion was opened 4 years ago, speaks volumes about the whole bitwarden service.
I was very reluctant to pay a yearly fee for something that I will host myself, just to enable generating TOTP codes (which is run locally, and not resource intensive at all), but I did, and would continue to do so, if it was at least a feature-complete solution, but it’s clearly not.

We must have this feature on desktop apps.

Auto-type feature exactly like in KeePass 2 is only thing missing IMO

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I keep running into desktop apps that log you out even if you wish to stay logged in. This would be incredibly helpful to me.

The business I work for (an MSP) is about to move to Bitwarden from Lastpass (I’m sure you can guess why we’re leaving), and we’re intending to resell Bitwarden. Desktop app auto-typing would be a huge thing personally (I use KeePass), internally (we have a bunch of apps that we’re cranking up the security on), and for our customers (only one of which has a password manager currently).

It’s not a show-stopper, as we’re definitely moving. We use RDM, which we’re looking forward to re-implementing much more securely. We’re also intending to use the ability to add multiple URIs to a single entry to get away from our unmanageable duplication of credentials in LP. But being able to use our password manager to log into RDM and our ticketing app, or enter credentials for bitlocker virtual drives, or any number of other non-browser situations would be a massive step up in our security – particularly if we can subsequently turn on TOTP-based MFA without a massive productivity penalty.

I find it hard to believe that this has over 250 comments since early 2018 and not only is it still not implemented, but it doesn’t even seem to be in the roadmap for the first half of this year.

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Thanks for the feedback @Krisjohn :+1:

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Would this feature be easier to be implemented on macOS than on Windows? Because macOS supports native 3rd party autofill, it would automatically detect login forms and show a popup overlay just like it works on iOS, even without a Bitwarden extension installed. Not to mention, this would work outside the browser as well.


Relevant feature request, which supports your point

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Just so you know, the lack of desktop auto-type/autofill is the only reason keeping me from switching from KeePassXC to Bitwarden.

If this is going to be implemented, please have a way to let us MANUALLY select which password to auto-type. I prefer selecting the password manually to automatically picking up the password entry based on website URL/window title (though it’s good to have both options as we all have different preferences).