Bitwarden iOS 15.4 Beta Crashing

Is anyone getting constant crashes with iOS developer beta 15.4?

The same problem occurred when the iOS beta 15, when will the testflight version be available?@tgreer

I have the same issue (iOS 15.4 PB1).

The app opens just fine, but if I try to scroll down it crashes immediately after I surpass the folders.

Also it crashes if I reopen it after I used it (I think it has something to do with the vault timeout option)

Sorry I missed this @wcjxixi, and welcome @martymarty004!

We’re aware of the issue and looking into it, but I don’t believe there is an open test flight program at the moment.

The issue is still present in Bitwarden 2.16.1, running on iOS 15.4 PB 2.

It seems that putting all my passwords into folders helped a bit, but the app still crashes if I scroll the settings too fast.