Bitwarden incorrectly autofills password instead of username on common sites

I’m using Bitwarden with Edge for Android on a newish Android phone.

On the Google website and Amazon website, Bitwarden mistakenly inputs my password instead of my username.

I know I could do the investigation and make custom fields to correct this behavior on a site by site basis, but I have to imagine that if Bitwarden is making a mistake on two of the most visited sites in the world then something must be wrong with it’s logic.

This seems to happen more frequently on websites that have you enter the username, hit submit, and then ask for your password, rather than having username and password present together on one screen.

Is this a bug?

Hey @schwarznavy we’re not able to reproduce this on our end so far, can you fill out the auto-fill failure form in this Github issue and include your exact device model, for the team to investigate?

Sure, which GitHub issue?

Here is the link: Autofill isn't working on mobile (generally or for a specific site or app) · Issue #1389 · bitwarden/mobile · GitHub

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