Bitwarden for Thunderbird password

Hi there,

im using Bitwarden for couple weeks and i really like it.
What i miss is Bitwarden when i open my Thunderbird
and will be asked for my PW :frowning:
It is the same PW like in my mail web account, but i cant
find a way instead of copying from Bitwarden to Thunderbird
using copy and paste.

Anybody out there with an idea?


Which OS you use?

i still use WIN8 for the moment.

The only thing I can come up with, is scripting a little. Is not that hard to get AutoHotkey and Bitwarden doing some magic. Yes, is manual and a little programming skills are needed. If you don’t want to give it a try, I’ll do it when I finish something similar for Linux (job-related).

i do have no programming skills and no clue, so i wold give it
a try if you will start a new project :slight_smile:

Last night I had the chance to play a little and a few minutes ago I completed a poor man’s Auto-Type. Just asked for permission to make it public.

So, my Black Raider… you might be turn into a guinea pig.

Hi my anonymus hero,
i am very happy for al the time you invest in my problem.
Hopefully it will get the permission to go public.
And beein a guniea pig will be OK for the solved problem :slight_smile:
Thanks again.

Well my friend, glad to inform you that I got green light. Here’s the link of the repo:

Since you mention not to have programming skills, let me assume you’re not well-versed in git repositories. First read the “front-page” and then head to “releases”. From there; download any archive, extract, update the .ini file that holds the configuration and run the executable.

If you run into any issue, send me a PM… I’ll try to keep an eye to the phone and get back to you ASAP. You’ll be the first to use that, any feedback is greatly appreciated so I can later share that with people over here:

Stay safe!