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Improve random password generation (8)
Offline syncing of attachments (3)
Touch ID support for macOS ( 2 3 ) (58)
Add TOTP Copy button (8)
Show the foldername a searchresult is stored in (1)
SQRL Identity (4)
Add "Hide Passwords" option to collection permissions (17)
Prevent that the edit box closes automatically? (1)
TOTP Screenshot feature (1)
Bitwarden App to Apple watch (3)
Change "type" of item (7)
Add 'Hide' Menu Option for Items (8)
Fingerprint Support (All Platforms) - To do not re-prompt the master password all the time ( 2 ) (38)
Remember last used entry (1)
MacOS Catalina Support (1)
View attachments without download (18)
Increase attachement upload max size (4)
Unsaved changes are lost when move to another item (4)
On Self Hosting disable use of the master password hint (1)
Database Backup (9)
“Only include these symbols” field option in Password Generator (1)
My Vault - Folder Item Counts Don't Include Subfolders (1)
Make search work properly (1)
Search within a domain (1)
Account access history (5)
FYI: Bitwarden doesn't offer to save the password for this forum during registration (3)
Secure export of data base like Dashlane (2)
Custom icons for items (7)
Add essential keyboard shortcuts & navigation ( 2 ) (33)