Feature Requests

About the Feature Requests category (1)
Add the multi selection in collection management (1)
Duplicate an existing item in vault (7)
Add keyboard shortcut to open browser extension in it's own window (1)
XUL based version of addon /extension (3)
Create collection without having to create organization (2)
Collapse to tray on closing (9)
Don't store password in Windows 10 Clipboard History / Cloud Clipboard (4)
Require master password "re-prompt" for some items ( 2 3 ) (52)
Premium Access Addon - Family (11)
U2F support over NFC (11)
Password Generator presets (1)
Sync Bitwarden settings, like "Lock after X minutes" or PIN (1)
Auto-type/Autofill for logging into other desktop apps ( 2 ) (27)
Fingerprint Support (All Platforms) - To do not re-prompt the master password all the time ( 2 ) (30)
Make the steps taken in the popup persist through losing focus (2)
Work with Authy to add BitWarden app icon to their app (8)
Building my own pre-defined item types (templates) (7)
Clear clipboard automatically after copy and past (4)
Users should be able to perform all tasks on mobile apps (3)
Ability for owner/admin to reset user's master password (for accounts managed by an organization) (3)
Share with a single user (6)
ALREADY DONE: Email on new device logins, or require email token (in addition to other 2FA) for new devices? (2)
Allow password generation when not logged in on browser extensions (4)
Ask to save password even when BitWarden is locked (8)
Optional Master Passwort Rollback like an keepass file backup (For example 30 or 7 days) (2)
Force 2FA for organizations ( 2 3 ) (43)
Add unshare option ( 2 ) (26)
A fix for Firefox private mode (1)
Support RTL (1)