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Make Fields Persistently Editable (1)
Show Password/Toggle Visibility on Mobile App Login (1)
Option to change the default match detection for URIs (11)
Improve workflow: show created Item after adding (6)
Duplicate an existing item in vault (4)
Nested vaults to implement multiple security levels (1)
Force 2FA for organizations ( 2 ) (24)
The lock icon should be green instead of red (1)
Unlock vault with PIN (14)
Enable export / Import of field Match Type (3)
Save URL match settings when exporting vault (3)
Export cards and identities (9)
Export/import in JSON format (6)
Session management (7)
2FA when 'unlocking' ( 2 ) (23)
On-premise eMail From Name (1)
Disable "Autofill On Page Load" option for specific logins (11)
Selection of 2 factor Providers (1)
Reduce the number of clicks required to add a login to a folder (1)
Duress master password (2)
Storing WiFi passwords (5)
Quick-copy TOTP code (5)
Sorry, reverting to LastPass (3)
Copy 2FA in main window (3)
Guarantee against data loss by preventing race condition on save (2)
Flag vault items that can be 2FA enabled (twofactorauth.org integration) (4)
Automatically clear clipboard after X seconds when using copy functions (15)
Open website in current tab if tab is blank/empty (1)
Entry or field history (5)