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Password Character position indicator (7)
WebUI: Option to load page with all folders collapsed (1)
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Under threat access (1)
Touch ID support for macOS ( 2 3 4 ) (63)
Log in with multiple Bitwarden user accounts ( 2 ) (32)
Item Count in each type/folder (4)
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Safer password More secure with Characters UTF-8 (1)
Browsers extensions that work with desktop's apps (6)
Password generation for Hidden Fields (1)
Notification bar: Add exceptions for sites to not show anymore? (1)
Lock/unlock browserExt and DesktopApp altogether (5)
Auto attach all new saved logins from browser extension "Add Login Notification" button to specific folder (1)
Free Bitwarden For Students (4)
Drag and drop into folder (18)
Emergency access ( 2 3 ) (56)
(1/3) Bitwarden as secure Contacts app (1)
Attachments (2)
Directly fill-in a generated password in the password field instead of opening the password generator window (2)
Manage SSH keys (9)
Show additional results to autofill list of matched logins in "Host" mode (1)
Store last access (open, use) time for items and sort/filter by access time (1)
Duplicate removal tool/report (11)
Request password reprompt for notes (2)
iOS App: Always show favorites on top (1)
Change Icon / Logo of entries manually (1)
Share passwords from mobile app (5)