Bitwarden fills credit card expiration date with the wrong format

My credit card expiration date is 11 / 2026. When I fill the credit card data using Bitwarden, the expiration date is filled 20 / 26. This logically results in an error message because there is no month «20».

There are payment gateways that expect the year as a 4 digit number and other gateways expecting the year as a 2 digit number. Bitwarden seems to be unable to handle this circumstance automatically, right? Is there a solution on the roadmap?


You’re absolutely right. Bitwarden currently struggles with automatically filling expiration dates in the correct format (MM/YY vs MM/YYYY) due to limitations in how it detects the expected format from websites.

There isn’t a confirmed solution on the public roadmap yet, but there have been discussions about improvements.

Here are some workarounds until a fix is implemented:

Manually edit the expiration date in Bitwarden before filling the form.
Copy the entire expiration date (11/2026) and paste it into the form, letting the website handle the format.

I hope the information may helps you.

Best regards,
Dennis Leon