Bitwarden Bookmark Sync

Hi all!

  1. I don’t know if you all know - but there is this topic that requests the bookmark item: Bookmarks type
  2. I recently discovered this topic here : Additional item types (pre-defined)
  3. In short, I requested that the bookmark item type be added -
  4. I believe this could help this topic as well - since you all ask to sync the marker item type
  5. The bookmark item has the format: “netscape bookmark format”
  6. The format to sync should be this: ‘add date’, ‘private’, ‘tags’ - reference here: A sample of the Netscape Bookmark File Format as exported from Delicious. · GitHub and/or GitHub - bookmarks-tools/bookmarks-parser: Parses Firefox/Chrome HTML bookmarks files and/or GitHub - FlyingWolFox/Netscape-Bookmarks-File-Parser: Parser and creator for Netscape Bookmarks file format that is used when exporting bookmarks from browsers
  7. The links I put here are bibliographic references, I am not promoting any company, software, technology, product or service.