Bitwarden Bookmark Sync

Here’s an idea:

Create a BitWarden browser add-on that adds a horizontal toolbar to your browser.

The horizontal toolbar would display the one-click shortcuts of particular secrets specified by the user - for example have a checkbox on folders and/or secrets to “show on toolbar”. Or just have the toolbar display the user’s favorite secrets by default.

This way no significant new functionality is required for BitWarden, rather it is a method of displaying existing functionality in a way that many would consider to be “browser bookmarks”.

I pretty much already use the Bitwarden side-bar in this way… the only thing it wouldn’t include are bookmarks to sites that do not require credentials, as they currently have no reason to be in Bitwarden. Not to say that one could not add them anyways…

Upvote from me. I’ve been looking for something like this, and it did occur to me that it would be great if it was built into the same browser extension as my password vault (Bitwarden obviously!). Was actually wondering if there was any sort of decentralized peer-to-peer bookmark synchers out there … a bit like resilio sync but for browser bookmarks. Would be happy to use Bitwarden instead though if it could sync bookmarks!

Remembering xmarks (and now lastpass). It was ideal solution for bookmarks sync. Wish bitwarden could have this feature!

+1 this would be very complementary as either an additional feature or another offering from bit-warden. Since X-marks has gone there is a big need.

+1 would be great!

I envision this as simply syncing bookmarks between browsers that have Bitwarden installed. No extra UI (or bloat) other than a checkbox in the settings. Simply ensure that the bookmarks of the browser match those stored in Bitwarden.

☐ Sync bookmarks?

OK, maybe one or two more checkboxes for choosing the direction of the sync, but that’s it. Actually on second thought probably not even that.

I don’t like this idea, as - to my opinion - a passwordmanager should be only a (the best!) passwordmanager. Please, let’s proceed making the core functionality (like sharing / unsharing, autofill, custom fields, specific secure note types, etc.) better…
Syncing bookmarks works perfectly well with extensions, like Floccus.


+1 I think this is a good idea for BitWarden.

Regards, Jenifer, web-designer

Hi all!

  1. I don’t know if you all know - but there is this topic that requests the bookmark item: Bookmarks type
  2. I recently discovered this topic here : Additional item types (pre-defined)
  3. In short, I requested that the bookmark item type be added -
  4. I believe this could help this topic as well - since you all ask to sync the marker item type
  5. The bookmark item has the format: “netscape bookmark format”
  6. The format to sync should be this: ‘add date’, ‘private’, ‘tags’ - reference here: A sample of the Netscape Bookmark File Format as exported from Delicious. · GitHub and/or GitHub - bookmarks-tools/bookmarks-parser: Parses Firefox/Chrome HTML bookmarks files and/or GitHub - FlyingWolFox/Netscape-Bookmarks-File-Parser: Parser and creator for Netscape Bookmarks file format that is used when exporting bookmarks from browsers
  7. The links I put here are bibliographic references, I am not promoting any company, software, technology, product or service.

+1 from me. Specifically, I am not looking to sync my bookmarks across devices (that use the same browser - most major browsers do that for you already), I am looking for a way to keep my bookmarks uniform across multiple, different browsers, on the same device. My work PC has Chrome, Firefox, and Edge on it for various uses (some sites require one over the other, one is a “clean” browser on launch, etc.). The challenge I am running into is that when I bookmark a page in one browser, then need to view / test it in another, I need to manually copy / organize the new bookmark in each browser. Keeping them uniform across all platforms keeps life simple and organized. Xmarks handled this perfectly, until LastPass bought it and killed it off.

While there are other products out there that potentially can handle this, they require their own setup and maintenance. Bundling this with Bitwarden reduces overall bloat by having one less add-on to install, manage, and pray it doesn’t stop being supported (again).

I am “deeply in like” with this product and put my money where my hopes are by becoming a Premium customer after trying it out for a year. I’d pay a further slight premium if Bitwarden leveraged existing expertise and code libraries to create/include a bookmark manager as well. Frankly, others are too costly and needlessly bloated.

Let’s face it; you’re more than halfway to a streamlined bookmark manager, based on the interface and functions offered in the password manager. Either as a standalone product or as an added function to the base IP, this would close the loop on browser tools as far as I’m concerned. I’d subscribe/add it instantly, and I suspect others like me already sold on your expertise would jump on it as well.

Thanks for reading and acting!


I actually thought about creating a good password manager, but I didn’t know how many users would need it, that’s why I decided to give up on this project. It would be nice, if you can provide a list of features which you expect from a bookmark manager

Same as Bitwarden Bookmark Sync
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