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I am not a savvy programmer or an open source expert. What little I do know about open source is that its programming open to everyone to see and use. I have a few questions and comments.

  1. How many developers work at 8bit Solutions?
    A. What happens to Bitwarden if the owners decide to quit to move on to new ventures?
  2. Why doesn’t 8bit have a website that shows who their team is and have some kind of bio about them. Other companies post their teams and it gives a feel of ownership from them. I can find web sites when I search for 8bit Solutions and Bitwarden . But who are the owners/humans behind Bitwarden? 8bit Solution site on LinkedIn is even a little cryptic.
  3. I want to use Bitwarden because its open source but I am holding back to see if they are going to be around very long and hopefully the owners will put there selves out into the public eye.

Sincerely, Scott


This is a great question Scott and something I’d like to know as well. I want to migrate from Dashlane. I like the ability to host myself and love to support open source but I have the same questions regarding longevity and the future of the company. Does anyone else remember when Lastpass sold out… ?

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If you guys check out the Reddit sub, you’ll probably get surprised on how much it is featured there. Let’s say it’s a complement for this, but greater than here, in a few words.
This and this also can give you a hint, for a start.


Thanks for the links to Reddit and LinkedIn. It is useful for a start, but I think many people do not do all the effort to search this forum and then find a post where somewhere in the answers there are links to other forums (i.e. Reddit).

Bitwarden looks like a very promising project with lots of enthusiasm on behalf of the team, so it would only help to present them in a more visible manner somewhere on the main website. As stated in the original question and the follow-up on it, many people will have doubts regarding trustworthiness and longevity of a relatively new project. And most people will have a quick look at the website, not find anything about the team and then quickly decide to rather not share very sensitive data with a “face-less” provider.

Thanks for all your hard work and best regards,

Most users only know that Bitwarden is an open source software based in the U. S. I did get some information from their website, this forum, reddit and twitter. But it’s not a lot. Cheked out their wikipedia page as well. I think we should all edit it and add some more information.

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How about this?

### Bitwarden, Inc.

1 N. Calle Cesar Chavez, Suite 102
Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Phone: +1-904-337-9364
Email: [email protected]
Privacy Policy:
Terms of Service:

Bitwarden, Inc. of 1 N. Calle Cesar Chavez, Suite 102, Santa Barbara, CA 93103, USA. is represented by:
Michael Crandell, Chief Executive Officer
Kyle Spearrin, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Legal Contact
Gary Orenstein, Chief Customer Officer

Bitwarden, Inc. is incorporated in the State of Delaware in the United States of America, registrar #7654941, 8bit Solutions LLC is wholly owned by Bitwarden, Inc.