Who is Bitwarden?

Over the last week, I’ve come to really appreciate Bitwarden’s capabilities in a solid password manager. However, before I invest in a password manager, I like to know some things about the company. I love transparency in a company - not just open source, but who are these people? How did they come up with the idea of starting the company? I read in one location (don’t remember where) that they have a few locations internationally, as well as Santa Barbara, CA. How many employees do they have? What’s the working environment like at the company? What are their goals? Are they committed to creating the best product possible, or are they just looking to get a good product to market, and be satisfied with the status quo? Are they constantly adjusting, tweaking, implementing new ideas?

I found this information in another thread, referencing LinkedIn:

Bitwarden: Computer Software, Headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA

Open source password management solutions for individuals, teams, and business organizations.

Website: https://bitwarden.com

Company size: 11-50 employees

Type: Privately Held

Founded: 2015

Specialties: Password Management, Identity Management, and Secret Management

Locations: Primary N. Calle Cesar ChavezSuite 102Santa Barbara, CA 93103, US

So, what does “Company size: 11-50 Employees” mean? 11-50??? I was under the impression the company was a little larger. I looked at their Career listing, and unless it’s old, they currently have five positions open.

Can anyone shed any more light into Bitwarden? I appreciate open source, but I wish the company itself was more open. Thanks in advance!

This question is being asked more and more. This same exact question was asked a few months before. @tgreer can you include some information about the company. What about an About Us page in the website?
@Blue_Moon You can know more about Bitwarden by checking their LinkedIn page.
(which you have already done, I didn’t read the entire post)

You can also read from page 10 of this report: https://cdn.bitwarden.com/misc/Bitwarden%202020%20SOC%203%20Report.pdf

The company also have a live webinar/ conference which they host pretty frequently.You will be able to get some info from there as well.

I think they have about somewhere between 10 and 20 employees.

Turns out there is an About Us page, but there is nothing really about the company.

Also here is another post which you can refer to:

Thanks for the question! We’re in the 20-30 range now - so right in the middle of the 11-50, and growing quickly as you see.

As for who we are - really, we’re just a group of folks with tech and security backgrounds that want to help bring password security to everyone :smile:

Thanks @vachan! This was good information. How do you find out about the time & date of live webinars? The homepage? Or do they e-mail people?

Follow them on twitter. Sometimes they will post it here as well. You can also just follow them on crowd cast and you will recieve a notification when they go live.

@tgreer Thanks for the information! Do you have any offices other than in CA?
You know, people tend to join (read purchase) more when they feel they have some sort of connection to the people in the company. Check out 1Password! They have a picture, name, and title (some joking about their titles, which makes you feel more connected) of all their employees, plus the leadership talks about the start of the company and reveals something of themselves. Also, they have employees man their forum, answer questions and provide support to users. I’ve been with LP for 10 years, but due to a problem they had with my account and some others (apparently it wasn’t that widespread), I’m looking for another. I must admit - I looked at 1Password, and did everything I could to try to like their product, because I wanted it to be my password manager. It was the human connection I felt. However, I just didn’t care for their product, which was apparently a good thing. I found Bitwarden, and I’m very happy with it, and am looking at purchasing a family plan. Please pass this along to someone in leadership. I think Bitwarden would see a large jump in sales, and a more loyal following if they put up the shades, let people see who lives there, and get to know them a little. Have a great day!

Excellent, Thanks!

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By the way, the webinar are recorded so you can watch them any time.
Here’s another thread you can refer to, the locations of their office is specified in the last post.

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Thanks for the add’l info! Good thread! This was a great post on that thread:

“Bitwarden looks like a very promising project with lots of enthusiasm on behalf of the team, so it would only help to present them in a more visible manner somewhere on the main website. As stated in the original question and the follow-up on it, many people will have doubts regarding trustworthiness and longevity of a relatively new project. And most people will have a quick look at the website, not find anything about the team and then quickly decide to rather not share very sensitive data with a “face-less” provider.”

That pretty much says it all, except for letting people in a little, will get you a ton of good will - and business.