BitPay is a terrible choice

I remember almost two years ago, paying with Bitcoin was a breeze. You hit add funds and a wallet address would be provided. Now, Bitwarden requires their users to go through BitPay, which is a terrible idea due to the large amount of personal information being collected this third party provider collects.

This doesn’t align with Bitwarden’s privacy and security ethos and it is a disservice to the community and specifically those with higher threat models requiring more privacy-preserving payment methods.

As for me, I would happily support Bitwarden financially but I am not renewing my subscription anymore till the old method for Bitcoin payment is restored. Might even consider other password manager options too later down the line if necessary.


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it’s a disgrace. Force KYC thru ID verification on Bitpay or use an ID payment card.
I’m not renewing Premium or recommending BW any more.

They also accept PayPal and “corporate checks”. I’m sure that they would also accept a cashier’s check, and place it on your account, although you will probably need to pay for multiple years to meet their minimum check size.

PayPal no better than BitPay. cashier’s check… no idea… i think round here they disappeared in the 90s.

simple solution. sell BW credit / giftcards, like Mullvad VPN does. Or use any other payment provider except BitPay

BW clearly has been told to stop offering privacy with it’s product.
To keep the masters happy they’ll have to stick with KYC nightmare Bitpay