Biometrics auto-prompt on Window Focus (after locking vault)

Hi @Christop, can you log your details as a Github issue here for the team to review?

Hi, when I log on Github, I do not have the possibility to add a new issue, how do you do that?

Do you see a green ‘new issue’ button on this page? Issues · bitwarden/clients · GitHub

With this link I can create an issue. With the other I couldn’t.

Here is the issue I have created for this bug: Bitwarden Windows desktop client does not auto-prompt Windows Hello after lock, only when 1st starting · Issue #3012 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub
hope it helps getting a fix very soon.

I am also encountering this this issue. I have a fresh and crispy Windows 11 installation on my PC with the win32 version of the app (so not from windows store).

Reproduction steps:
Initial state: Bitwarden desktop app is not running (after boot)

  1. Open Bitwarden, after a very short delay, the prompt automatically opens (works as expected)
  2. Lock the vault (manually, or after timeout, both cases have the same result)
  3. Open Bitwarden, the promp does not open automatically, the button needs to be pressed (not working as expected)
  4. Exit Bitwarden fully
  5. Open the app again, the prompt is there automatically

I’ve seen no such issue with the browser extension, it does prompt every time I try to unlock the vault. So it seems it only happens after a lock, and maybe only on windows 11?

My settings are the following:

Thanks for the information @VM9797 let me know if this is the same issue you’re having and if so you can provide additional detail for the team to review.

Hi, from what @VM9797 described we are clearly talking about the exact same issue.
I have create this issue following my alert about this in this thread in the post of @VM9797 he describe the same problem.

@dwbit can you please bring this issue on top of the list ? I have not seen any update about the issue I have created, despite security being an essential feature of Bitwarden for Windows.

Hi @dwbit , yes it is the same issue, I’ll posts on the github issue about this.

Thanks @Christop, this one has been raised with the team and updates will be shared as they become available.

Thanks, I would be happy to have it solved.

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Thanks for your patience all, here is an update from the team:

This is the current expected behaviour. When manually locking thee vault, Bitwarden can’t immediately prompt for it again. There is also no prompt when the vault isn’t visible.

Where have you got this update ?
It is impossible this can be the expected behaviour, since al the other Bitwarden apps behave differently on this point from Bitwarden for Windows!

@Christop so after checking in with the team, this is the current behavior on Windows, but if you fully close Bitwarden and reopen, it will prompt again. You can also create a feature request for this one for voting and discussion

If I log into Bitwarden for Android, then lock it, then reopen it, are you auto-prompted to enter your fingerprint ? YES

If I log into Bitwarden for Chrome browser, then lock it, then reopen it, are you auto-prompted to enter your fingerprint ? YES

If I log into Bitwarden for Window, then lock it, then reopen it, are you auto-prompted to enter your fingerprint ? NO

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I have the same settings and Never get a windows hello prompt. I always have to click the button…

@Rust The issue you describe is different from the one @VM9797 and me are pointing out, as we have Bitwarden Auto-prompt working the 1st time after having rebooted Bitwarden for example.

@dwbit Please recheck your above statement because it is incorrect.

Hey @Christop, I’m happy to revise/update, let me know what is incorrect.

I think what he has in mind is that if the app is minimized to tray (by setting it to start up this way on login or minimizing it manually) it will not prompt for Windows Hello once opened from tray.

By extension of that behavior - if the app is set to start in tray at all it will never ask for the Windows Hello automatically, even from a fresh start.

Like you wrote it will prompt for Hello once restarted fully when not set to start in tray.

I think making the app prompt for Windows Hello when expanded from tray icon (if not unlocked already) would solve this issue.

Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll change this thread to a ‘feature request’ for the time being for voting/discussion.

@ClassicGOD That’s correct.

I want to also point out that going to tray in Windows is exactly the same as an app going in background in Android. And Bitwarden is not managing this the same way in Windows and Android, that’s why it is a Bug in Bitwarden for Windows.
Even on a Mac, Bitwarden is behaving like Android.