Better support for multiple logins on the same site - add favourite flag/priority-value to credentials

Many people have multiple logins for the same site (Microsoft Accounts/Azure AD, Google, etc), and there are many good reasons for this.

Currently you have to register lots of different credentials for the same URL and it kinda works. But auto-login in a browser using Ctrl-Shift-L always seems to choose the top one, and so does BitWarden on iOS.

You can have personal accounts you barely use (Xbox) and work accounts you use all the time (Azure AD) and 200 test-accounts, and currently Bitwarden does not really provide you with a means to set which accounts you would prefer to be the default one.

Which means that the otherwise smooth auto-login feature breaks for sites like this when you have multiple credentials. And that’s very unfortunate.

One way to solve that would be the user to allow the either mark a credentials as a “favourite” (on/off) or give a credential a “priority” (to allow ranking of logins which spans multiple domains, and where collisions are … different).

There might be other solutions too, but I really think that BItWarden should try to find a better way to deal with sites where the user has multiple logins.

Right now this is the single thing which “breaks my flow” the most often while using BitWarden, and I don’t think it should be that hard to handle on a technical level.

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This is exactly the problem I was about to request a feature for, really hope this gets fixed, for websites I have multiple logins for it completely breaks this functionality of using Ctrl-Shift-L.
You have my vote!