Better Folder management

The folder management is currently awful and completely non intuitive for the average not computer literate user.

If I add a new entry, I want to be able to create a new folder if it doesn’t exist, but I can’t
So I have to either stop what I am doing and do create new folder first, or save the item somewhere else, go create a new folder and them move it.

The sub-folder creation is also terrible.
you should be able to simply select a folder and create a sub-folder.
NOT have to create a folder called “parent\child”
The the parent doesn’t exist, it creates a literal folder with that name,
Which is ridiculous, bad coding and non intuitive.

Folder management is so much better in Lastpass.

So I voted for this, but I’d like to clarify that I STRONGLY disagree with:

“NOT have to create a folder called “parent\child”
The the parent doesn’t exist, it creates a literal folder with that name,
Which is ridiculous, bad coding and non intuitive.”

For me, it works intuitively. I’d be very surprised to use several slashes and find a several-layer deep folder-tree. Unless we start considering escape characters… but I wouldn’t be intuitively expecting that from Bitwarden.

I use the Android app and it would be nice to create a folder on item creation OR when you tap the button for item creation, that you are given a folder creation option. Currently, you must go to the app’s settings.

When you make an app works different to way every other app has worked for the last 20+ years, then it is not going to be intuitive to most users.
You also have to assume that the average user is not a techy, since most are pretty computer illiterate. It has to be intuitive and easy to use for the average people.

The way every other windows app works, is that you create a folder and then inside that folder you create other folders. They do not work by expecting you to manually create “parent\childname” and then using that exact name only if something before the slash already exists, in fact I cannot think of any other app off the top of my head that works like this.

Well, couldn’t deny that I’m not the average user in that sense. And while I think most people aren’t qualified to gauge expectations, I know for a fact that I’m not. So I’ll leave the point alone.

FWIW, I have never had an issue with this. It’s called compact folder notation, which I know could seem foreign to Windows users. But I am a Mac & Linux user, so I guess your mileage may vary depending on your background.

And if you are a programmer, this is pretty common - e.g., compact folder notation is the default view in Visual Studio Code. I believe Java folder structures adopt this notation also.

So again “average user” is not a Mac or Linux user or a programmer.
The average user and MSP client is a windows user who is fairly computer illiterate. They have no idea what visual studio code or Java or compact folder notation is, so that is all completely irrelevant.

Unless you are saying that Bitwarden is not intended to be used by the average person and is only aimed at computer experts? Which would render the MSP plan rather useless, as no MSP has clients like that.

Dude - chill. Why all the outrage? I was just agreeing with another poster that it isn’t foreign to everyone.

Bitwarden is still in its infancy stages being less than 4 years old. You can’t have the same expectations from free open-source software run by a company of a dozen developers like Bitwarden as you would from one of the big guys like Lastpass, or 1Password that has been around for nearly two decades, has hundreds of employees and is valued at over $6 billion.

Also, please respect the community guidelines for this forum. This is not a support forum, and the participants are almost entirely Bitwarden customers. Please read:


Hello everyone, thank you for a great app.
For convenience, I would like to create folders in folders for better password management.
I will be grateful for this feature, I think Bitwarden users support me.