Best way to change all passwords?

Hi I am new to bitwarden and password managers in general, not including built in web broswer ones. I have often used the same password or variations of it on lots of accounts and I was wondering what the best way to change all of them to secure different ones is. I was thinking of deleting them all and generating new ones every time I came to a website I hadn’t used before. It also occurs to me now that there may be websites out there which have this password that I don’t remember, is this a risk if I change all my other accounts?

Apologies if these have been answer before, I tried searching for them but couldn’t find answers

Hi @Engraved2221 welcome to Bitwarden and the Community!

From here on out, I would definitely use Bitwarden’s Password Generator for all new or changed passwords:

I would start out by making certain that all my passwords were unique and strong for critical accounts like financial accounts, main email account, and mobile phone account. I would also make certain that I have a very strong Master Password with 2FA turned on.

Next, I would run Bitwarden Reports (only available to Premium users) to see if there is anything else that I need to know and resolve. There is a report that shows duplicate passwords that will be helpful.

That would be a good start!