Back up Windows vault

I read there is currently no encrypted export option. But in any case I suspect that would require a manual action.

Instead is it possible to backup the cached vault on a Windows PC?

Could I back up AppData\Roaming\Bitwarden?

And then if my vault gets corrupted or I want to go back in time to restore some accidently deleted passwords, could I restore a backup to the above location and restart Bitwarden?

Or does Bitwarden always treat the online vault as the definitive version and will overwrite the offline cache?

(I’m struggling defecting from KeePass where I have accidental item deletion protection and can use any backup/sync software to take as many copies of my encrypted vault as I want)

Thanks in advance.

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From my understanding, what you are looking for is a way of being able to recover deleted entries.

Such feature has been requested:

There is, however, a manual work-around of backing up your vault without compromising your saved passwords. This will require you to have premium account features.

Export your vault to a .json or .csv file and save as it into your encrypted Bitwarden vault. This way you’ll be able to ‘go back in time’ and restore any given entry back into your vault.

That’s the only ‘secure’ method I could think of in regards to keeping a backup.
(You could also keep a local backup on an encrypted USB storage device.)

As to your comments about backing up Bitwarden AppData files, I cannot give a clear comment on that but I think the online vault takes superiority over any local files and will re-sync itself.
I wouldn’t risk doing this, however, to avoid potential data corruption.

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Thanks for your swift reply. Sounds a neat trick if I had premium for all my family members.

But then again I’d be backing up in to the very thing I’m trying to protect!

Yes an undelete is one of the things I want, especially in a shared collection. But I don’t see an ETA for this feature.

I also want a complete backup, such is my vindicated distrust of cloud solutions and the importance of hundreds of passwords.

Unfortunately it seems impossible to automate backing up the vault as I would then need to specify my password in plain text in the batch file running the CLI export to unlock the vault.

I work for a disaster recovery company so perhaps you can excuse my wariness!

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