Automatic Email Backup - Or Add one button to send password(encrypted) backup to registed email

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Feature name

  • a easy way for user to backup user passwords.

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?
  • What benefits will this feature bring?
    User can backup their data easily.
    some peopel export my passwords monthly (encrypted ),and send it to my email account .I Hope you provide a better way.

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Bitwarden does not have your password. So they cannot send it to you. For more details take a look at this:

you misunderstand my intentions, I mean , bitwarden could send cache which is encrypted by user master password to my email.

Do you mean an export of all the credentials saved in your vault?

There is already a great export functionality in the vault (you can download an export of the vault in different formats)

Using these features, you have your list at any level of security. You can download this on the site.
Sending it over mail, feels like putting my super secure vault on the binders of my bicycle.

yes, that’s what i mean , I dont like do this manually(export ,open new browser tab ,login email acount, write new email ,add attachment and send the exportation to my own email),

I want one button to do them all。

I get it now. Personally, I don’t use my email account for backing up important files and documents. I’d recommend keeping a copy of your encrypted backup on some local media and also in secure cloud storage, if you have any. I use for end-to-end encrypted storage.

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