Autofill Multi-match Drop-down

I imagine my search-fu is lacking as I’m positive this has been address before. I just need help finding it so I can add my vote.

I have found inline autofill requests, and dropdowns for commonly used credentials when creating a new login, but I’m hunting for multiple credential matching drop-down.


  • Load site where you have multiple matching credentials.
  • Ctrl+Shift+L
  • You are presented with a drop-down that displays all matching credentials that you can arrow through with the keyboard to select the one you want to use.

I have seen requests for better matching, or using identity profiles, but I can’t find where a request has been made for a simple drop-down to select from multiple matches instead of having to open the browser extension window to select the proper credentials.

Sorry again if this exists. I just want to add my vote.

If you use Ctrl+Shift+Y instead of Ctrl+Shift+L, you will see a list of matching credentials in the pop-up. You can Tab between the entries, but it takes 4-5 tabs to switch to the next account in the list (because of the buttons to the right of each vault entry).

Alternatively, you can use Right-click > Auto-fill login, and then use arrow keys to select your account.

Finally, this feature will be released very soon:

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Fantastic answer!!

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