Autofill email addresses within Bitwarden itself: suggest an emailadress for the username field

I searched for this question but could not find a similar topic, so:

Set a primary email address that will autofill / be suggested for empty username fields when creating a new login entry inside the Bitwarden extension

  • When creating a new login item for a website account, most of the time Bitwarden only recognizes the password field. After the user clicks on the “save password” prompt, Bitwarden parses the value from the password field to the password field inside the new login entry, but the username field remains empty. The user will then have to manually type in the email address (or in rarer cases nickname or phone number) into the username field.

  • But a lot of Bitwarden users have a main email address that they use for most of their logins (in my case 80% of password entries have the same email address). And then they use for the other entries a different email address (for example for spam/marketing).
    This means that for the majority of the new login entries created using Bitwarden, actually the same email address is used. Nonetheless this needs to be typed in manually by the user EVERY TIME.

Proposed solution:

  • Add an email suggestion option for the username field when a new login entry is added within the Bitwarden browser extension. (This does not apply to existing login entries)

It works like this:

  • This feature uses the value that the user has set under their settings to be their primary email address. Whenever a new login is created where Bitwarden has only parsed the password field but not the username field, it will place a blue bar under the empty username field. The blue bar will contain these words “Suggestion: >primary email address<”.
  • Once the user clicks on the blue bar, it will enter this value into the username field of the new login that is saved to Bitwarden.
  • Or: once the user presses the arrow-down button and then the enter button, Bitwarden will use the suggestion and paste it in the empty username field.
  • The user finally saves the complete login with password and email address. The new entry can now be found inside the vault.

It is ironic to think that Bitwarden is an autofilling service (and security service) that does not have an autofill feature for the one thing that is often not unique.

Often for multiple online accounts the same one or two email addresses are used. Often there are only 2-4 email addresses across the entire Bitwarden Vault of a non-commercial user.
Nonetheless users often have to type it in manually. So let’s upvote this issue and add an autofill/suggestion option for the username field within the editing window of the Bitwarden browser extension

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