Autofill Credit Card with "Scan a credit card"

Recently, I saw a password manager which can add credit card or secure note (Image recognition or OCR) by taking a picture of the item. I don’t know if this is easy or difficult to develop.

I had to reread the OP post,

But adding a photo for credit cards I could see as a future possibility, but for the notes, that’s more of a secure file vault at that point which I do believe is a suggestion already.

And evenly better, adding credit card via NFC

Thanks @vachan! I changed the title to reflect the OCR credit card item.

We do have a request to add/view images directly in a secure note:


That is not safe and people might misuse this. Can phones even tap into credit cards using NFC?

Screenshot of this feature

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It contains only Card Number, Expiry Date, Names, but not the 3-digits CSC, therefore you can’t just “steal” it and use it. You still have to manually enter the CSC.

If you mean abusing it as a tool to get personal data such as names and Card Numbers, there isn’t any lacking of NFC reader apps out there anyway.

It’s also arguably easier to peek your card info when you’re taking a photo of it, than having someone to put their devices on your card / wallet without looking suspicious lol

iOS feature allows users to scan a credit card with the device camera. Adding this feature would allow BW users to quickly add/update credit card information in the vault. We recently had a wallet stolen and updating several cards & IDs is a painstakingly slow process. Many apps use this feature (Amazon, PayPal, et al.) This iOS feature has been available since iOS 8!

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When I go to doctors office I am always asked for a copy of my insurance cards or they need to see a copy of my credit card. If Bitwarden could add an additional feature to CARD whereby I could scan both sides of a card so it can be saved to that particular file that would be extremely helpful. Then I could just open up the CARD and show the doctors office a copy of whatever card they need.

Also the ability to have that scanned card automatically fill in some of the data that would also help.


Also it would be good if it would be possible to scan card number (and other data, for example, expiry date and card brand, if possible) with NFC.

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I really hope this thing comes to fruition.

One more vote here for this feature to scan and store card images with the camera. I took for granted that the “card” storing feature would be able to scan and store an image of the card on both sides, but to my disappointment, it does not. Hopefully, this feature is considered.

Another vote from my end as well!