Autofill Credit Card with "Scan a credit card"

iOS feature allows users to scan a credit card with the device camera. Adding this feature would allow BW users to quickly add/update credit card information in the vault. We recently had a wallet stolen and updating several cards & IDs is a painstakingly slow process. Many apps use this feature (Amazon, PayPal, et al.) This iOS feature has been available since iOS 8!

When I go to doctors office I am always asked for a copy of my insurance cards or they need to see a copy of my credit card. If Bitwarden could add an additional feature to CARD whereby I could scan both sides of a card so it can be saved to that particular file that would be extremely helpful. Then I could just open up the CARD and show the doctors office a copy of whatever card they need.

Also the ability to have that scanned card automatically fill in some of the data that would also help.

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Also it would be good if it would be possible to scan card number (and other data, for example, expiry date and card brand, if possible) with NFC.

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I really hope this thing comes to fruition.