Make attached images directly visible

Downloading attached images is painful just to have a look at them. Other PwApps show them directly below notes.

I suggested this (by email) back in December 2018 and was told: “We have this feature on our backlog of good ideas to implement.”

I assume this isn’t getting enough votes to get noticed and that’s the reason why nothing has happened in that regard. I’m really missing this functionality though. I’ve got an image of one of these matrix code cards stored and having to download the image locally to view it and then having to remember to delete it afterwards is just a disaster waiting to happen.

Actually, I assume most pictures that people attach to items in Bitwarden aren’t supposed to be lying around just anywhere. I’m actually kinda surprised that “download” made it in before “view”. I would expect it the other way around, and IMO it should probably even display a warning on download saying that the attachment will be stored unencrypted on the device.

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Actually I have this issue with PDF files too. I scanned some cards e.g. driving license, personal id, credit cards and put them into Bitwarden. Now I have to download them every time I need them. And afterwards I have to remember deleting them all.
Yes, I should use them as image files but here I also have to download and delete them afterwards. :thinking:

This seems to be a long time coming for something that I would think a lot of users would really like. Sure, we can download the image, but then we have to remember to delete that image afterwards. It would be so much easier to be able to view the image, then lockup the DB again. Is there an ETA for this?

@steves Welcome! We have this captured on our backlog but don’t have a development schedule for it just yet.

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