AutoFill And Saving Frustration

This is frustrating, first of all when I input a new user pass it won’t let me save it, the little window pops up at the top but I can’t hit save it’s just stuck there, just hitting the X works but what’s the purpose? Even if I unlock the darn password manager it still shows it’s locked when filling in information.

Not to mention AutoFill NEVER works, I have to click on the little bitwarden pop-up thing when it decides to show, and select the proper info.

Not to mention it won’t even AutoFill on :person_facepalming:

This is becoming a joke and pushing myself towards protonpass more and more. If there’s not a fix in upcoming releases if there’s any I will totally abandon ship, and subscription too. Not worth the hassle.

This is on Android 14.

[Screenshot redacted by mod]

[Screenshot redacted by mod]

Hi @VisnuGD !

Just a couple of first thoughts: you are on Android 14 and use the Bitwarden browser extension in your mobile browser? If I remember correctly, this is not supported (using the Bitwarden browser extensions on mobile browsers) - or rather: you should be using the Bitwarden mobile app (Official download links: Install and Sync All of Your Devices | Bitwarden)

First instructions for the mobile app, see here: Password Manager Mobile Apps | Bitwarden Help Center

More info on how to use auto-fill on Android, see here: Auto-fill Logins on Android | Bitwarden Help Center


It’s the same thing. Doesn’t work as advertised or as good as it’s marketed.

No, the browser extension and the mobile app work differently on Android. I’m pretty sure, most of your problems come from using the browser extension on your Android device. (beginning with that there is no “little bitwarden pop-up thing” and no “little window pops up” etc. when using the mobile app)

Try downloading the mobile app and configure auto-fill properly as in the “help sites” I provided.

If you have problems doing so - or it still doesn’t work then - feel free to write again here.

PS: I use Android myself and have no problems with auto-fill (but I must confess, there are only a handful of sites I usually login to on Android browser). Only some apps on my phone don’t allow it - but I think it is more a problem of these said apps…

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I have the desktop app.

But let me tell you, you are plain wrong when saying the browser extension doesn’t show the bitwarden pop-up. Here it is as clear as the day.

Hi @VisnuGD, thank you for the feedback. As @Nail1684 mentioned, today we support auto-fill on Android with the Bitwarden Mobile App and do not support browser extension use on mobile. However, I’ll share your feedback with the team for review. We’re always looking for ways to improve the user experience, so please feel free to add any preferred mobile browser’s you’d like us to support as a feature request! :rocket:

Changed to the app instead but it most of the times won’t AutoFill. I have to click multiple times for it to show. A headache. When I click on it to fill a box mostly password it won’t fill it out, I have to click on copy password and paste it. Happens a lot in Google when login in. Also passkey is giving an error that something went wrong, I go to Chrome and my account I can create a passkey but when I try with bitwarden is a no go.

I can even AutoFill in vault :person_facepalming::person_shrugging:

Trying to login with 1 click doesn’t send the link or whatever and it’s turned on.

Would not AutoFill to save my life, you click on the info and stays BLANK, have to manually copy and paste. What’s the purpose then?

Here is another “complication”, but don’t panic (at the end, I tell why): At the moment, storing and using passkeys is only possible via the browser extensions.

(see here: Storing Passkeys | Bitwarden Help Center)

It is planned, that you can store and use passkeys with the mobile apps “in the future” (and I think, it will later follow for the desktop app and the web vault/app as well)


(see here: Storing Passkeys | Bitwarden Help Center)

Now, the good news is: someone from Bitwarden wrote here the other day, that using and storing passkeys with the mobile apps could follow in 1-2 months, so possibly even this month or May/June… (PS: I found the post of the Bitwarden team member: Passkeys support for mobile apps - #20 by go12)

FYI, passkeys for iOS is already available for beta testers.

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Yes, I saw that info - but since the OP is on Android, I didn’t want to make it even more complicated at this point. :wink:

Here in this screenshot, you were logged in in the Bitwarden web vault/app, right? And you tried to create a passkey for “login with passkeys” to the web vault, right? Where did you try to create that passkey? On your android device? Maybe I’m confused, but it seemed to me, you tried to create the passkey in the Bitwarden mobile app? But I think this would not be possible at the moment. (One reason see my previous post: the mobile app cannot store passkeys at the moment…)

And maybe you already know that, but one info about “login with passkeys” in general: this is only possible with the web vault/app at the moment (meaning: you can login with passkey only to the web vault/app at the moment - and not to the mobile app, desktop app or browser extension) See more about that here: Log in with Passkeys | Bitwarden Help Center

I was in the vault as shown, no extension has been turned off.

Yeah, but where did you try to store the passkey for the “login with passkey”?

It doesn’t give you an option, it’s just a Turn On button and it shows that error. Also this login option is not working either.

Seems that you are attempting to use Login with Device, not Login with Passkeys.

Tried both. I’m trying things and those 2 won’t work. :person_shrugging: