Autocomplete inputs with custom fields


When I try to log in an account in AWS, I have to fill in not only username and password, but Account ID as well:

Bitwarden will successfully autocomplete the username and password, but I manually have to open the extension, click on my login info, scroll to the Account ID custom field, copy, and paste. Once you start doing it a few times each day, it becomes quite annoying.


Bitwarden could autocomplete any input fields whose labels contain the name of a custom field. For example, the name of my account ID field is Account ID. This exact same string appears in the form label Account ID (12 digits) or account alias. Bitwarden could then make the connection and fill in the field.

As a fallback, it could use the name attribute of the <input> as well, rather than the <label>. Tech-savvy users could utilize that in cases where the inputs have no accessible label defined.

Is this the feature you are looking for?

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That appears to be it, yes! Once I changed my custom field name from Account ID to account (the name attribute of the <input>), it started working.

Perhaps my feature request could be changed to extending this feature with <label> lookups. As a user, I mainly look at the human-readable labels in the UI of the site. So I’m much more likely to name my custom field according to that label, rather than opening DevTools and looking at the HTML attribute values. This is exactly what I’ve been always doing, and I’m sure that there are lots of other users like me.

If the Auto-fill Custom Fields feature performs this type of <label> lookup, a lot more users who previously did not know about the feature will start benefitting from it.

Seems like this request could be merged with the following:
Custom Fields and automatic fields parsing (save all entered data)