Auto-type/Autofill for logging into other desktop apps

+1 for Auto-Type feature.

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+1 as well, LP refugee, autotype would be highly wanted.

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I switched from KeepassXC and miss this feature. I used it to login to my servers via ssh in a command line.
So it would be good to have the flexibility KeepassXC provides, where I could config which field should be typed in which order and add wait times and add additional text not related to my password entry.

We are new enterprise users of Bitwarden. My techs tell me we have to use both Bitwarden and Keepass because Bitwarden can’t do auto type, so I went searching and found this thread. The feature doesn’t seem to be on the 2021 road map, and this thread is three years old. Alas. Honestly if we’d have known this up front we’d have stuck with Keepass.

Others have suggested sponsoring feature requests. I’d donate to this one for certain.


I have to say, I’ve just joined Bitwarden (and bought Premium), and this is the only feature I miss after switching from LastPass! I know it needs to be implemented properly, and with full functionality, but I really do hope Bitwarden is serious about eventually adding this. I don’t see it on the roadmap, and I just hope Bitwarden doesn’t ignore the community like LastPass often did.


How was this requested 3 years ago, has 145 replies and 507 votes, and still hasn’t been implemented?

Heck - ANY solution to be able to more quickly input passwords would be better than no solution. Virtually every other password manager has the ability to set global hotkeys to autotype and/or copy username/password to clipboard. Which is a one- or two-step process. Whereas with Bitwarden, the process is:

  1. Activate the Bitwarden window
  2. Press Ctrl+F or click the searchbox (because the searchbox isn’t automatically focused! why not? there’s nothing else for my non-modifier’d keystrokes to do!)
  3. Search for the appropriate entry
  4. Click on the appropriate entry, or press tab followed by enter (why don’t the up/down arrows navigate the list?)
  5. Click on the ‘copy’ icon (keyboard navigation is quite literally unusable, unless you have few results, because you have to first tab through the entire result list! again - why don’t the up/down arrows navigate the list?!)
  6. Switch back to the other app
  7. Paste

So @tgreer … when will the desktop app be usable? Because I frankly don’t know how you consider this even suitable for release. I understand that accessibility may not be a concern for you personally, but I can tell you right now that it is a concern for your enterprise clients who are required to comply with the ADA w/r/t their employees.


Thanks for the feedback here - keyboard navigation and WCAG 2.0 compliance are on our radar.


The relevant use case for a KeePass-Like Autotype for me is:

I am using a portable Bitwarden-Safe on my work-computer regularly. I can not install any Browser-Plugins on that machine, so I have to manually fill out all fields.

Autotype would make this much more convenient.

Please add this feature as soon as possible. That’s the only major feature missing from BItwarden. I would even buy a premium membership if this feature is enabled.

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i second this request. i’m just testing out bitwarden personal with a view to making it standard across our organisation as paying customers.
This would be a factor in our decision


As someone who is using licensed on-prem bitwarden as IT Admin (and owner of the service) and having another instance at home (community tho) I am missing this key feature a lot. In browser it’s okay, but as I am using multiple of them (trust me one is not enough for Azure/AWS etc.) and other applications such as RDP clients, SSHs, windows logins, SQLs and others I am putting up with it a lot, I even considered some synch import service to my local keepass because of this but it would destroy the security i get from closed app with encrypted synch.

This feature request is here since 2018 and I know of my colleagues from other companies that considered bitwarden but ultimately, mainly because of this feature (cus us admin it saves a LOT of time), went for other software (paid ones!!).

I had in keepass written custom URLs with direct SSH, RDP or opening pwsh under certain credentials from double click.

I like the software and I will be promoting it, but it’s still just non-matured product.


Anything new regarding this subject? Is the functionality included in a roadmap?


Hope we can see this feature soon.


New to Bitwarden. This would be a great feature to have. Thanks!

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Anyone knows about a third party program that can handle the auto-type from the clipboard?

Keepass does this. A bit more work setting up safely if you want to have it multi-device though.

Thanks. I was more thinking about a clipboard manager or something that I can use together with bitwarden.

the best experience to autofill login to desktop apps was with password boss as it was not only able to autofill .exe application but also apps downloaded from Microsoft store unlike lastpass and roboform. But i did not subscribed to it, as it was not as good in form filling as bitwarden. if bitwarden can add this feature that would be awosome.

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How this is still not a feature after over 3 years and 158 requests is beyond me.

I can still not fully switch over from Keypass and have to use 2 password managers just because Bitwarden refuses to implement this feature.

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I have tried and switched back to keepass, not going to bitwarden without this.