Auto-lock after 15 minutes, auto-logout after 2 hours

Feature name

Set options for both auto lock, and auto logout, on different time frames

Feature function

Currently, users have the option to select EITHER lock OR logout after a set amount of time.
It would be more ideal, in my use case to implement auto lock after a relatively short period of time, but auto logout after a longer period

as an example. I come back from lunch, and unlock my vault to login to various sites or services. After that, I often do not touch bitwarden for the rest of the day. If I do not remember go specifically logout at the end of the day, the vault remains stored on my device, requiring only the master password to open. In an environment with multiple coworkers sharing an office space, this is not ideal. I would like the vault to lock after a few minutes, which is sufficient for stepping away from my desk to grab coffee, use the restroom, etc, but then logout and require 2fa after a relatively longer period, such that if I forget to logout before leaving for the day, or worse, the weekend, it will logout and secure my vault.

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