Auto-fill priority or deafult or save "last used" across sessions

When logging in the first time (or having to re-login) Auto-fill’s “last used account” per page is lost from the cache: loading a page defaults to the top-most account in the search results.

This wastes time because I have multiple accounts for many sites and when I log-in again my most used default is not selected (some other account I rarely use is, instead). There is no way to set a default (including using Favorite functionality).

Have a “default” checkbox per account login that will auto-fill by default. If multiple default accounts are detected on a page, it will just choose one arbitrarily.
Alternatively, a “Priority” number field can even be created to do the same thing as above and give a finer control over the auto-fill…

If none of these are done, at least the “last used” account should be saved across sessions per page but this can have security implications if not done right

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