Auto fill is not working for these sites

Auto fill is NOT working for a site, no matter what ID or NAME etc I try as Custom Fields in Bitwarden…

The site is

Could some please see if they can get this site working?

I am using v1.47.1 of Chrome extension.

I am just in the process of transferring from KeePass and this is the first site that just wont work no matter what I try…

Thanks all.

I found another site where Auto fill is not currently working correctly.

The site is: Epic Games

Could someone please try and see if they can get auto fill to work properly here?

NOTE: On first glance, the auto fill does seem to work, as it does input the username and password into the fields, however, when you click “Log in now” button, it shows an error “username is required”.

Please only say its working after you have fully logged in, not just filling the form, as the problem is a bit more complicated to explain.

Epic Games works fine (W10, Chrome-extension). Have you filled in a matching URI?
I am using https : / / (remove the blanks) with the URI match detection Starts with.

Yes, of course I have the correct matching URI, which is the same as you provided.

So you tested it fully, and using Bitwarden, you are able to successfully log in are you, or did you just see it typing in some details and you say that its working?

I’m surprised it works for you because I made a video of what actually happens when you do this.

You wanna make a video of it working?


I fell for that. Sorry.

Hey, no problem.

I’m a very curious person, and very IT saavy as well, so I do try a lot of things before I put my hands up and say its an issue.

I’m just happy that we’re all having issues and I hope that it gets fixed ASAP…

Another site where Auto Fill does not work:

Could you guys please try and see if you can get it to work there?

Thanks all.

PS: Does the developer actually come here and see these issues?

I mean, I haven’t heard anything from the developer as yet.

I thought at least they’d be glad people out there are finding bugs with the program that they can fix for everyone.

Yes, some developers and sometimes even the founder come here and help; if they can.

You can fix this yourself. See below link.

If you read from the beginning of my post, you’d see that I already know and have tried everything on the page you suggest.

However, please feel free to see if you can get it to auto fill and if you can then please share the solution with us all.

It’s just that this is now the 3rd or 4th site that doesn’t auto fill, so I am just listing any sites I find that doesn’t work with Bitwarden Auto Fill.

I’m hoping that a developer will come by and is able to fix these issues for everyone. This thread is like a list of sites not auto filling.

I’m not enough into Australian Lotto to tackle this problem tonight, but it would be nice if we could specify the username and password fields via selectors / XPath strings instead. It’s less ambiguous and easy to do with the browser’s inspector.

Well, I’m just waiting for you to tackle that problem and get back to me with what you’ve discovered.
Thanks in advance.

How come the Bitwarden developers haven’t come here and acknowledged the issues and get onto fixing it?