Searching the vault no longer works in Windows app or Chrome extension

Searching no longer works properly in Windows app or Chrome extension.
The issue started with the latest version Windows app v1.24.1 or Chrome extension v1.48.0.

For example, search for something you know exists in notes such as below, and you will get results in the old versions of Windows app or Chrome extension.

Search term: >*3489*

PS: The search still works correctly for web vault.

I believe we have it tracked here: Search function not working for login notes and secure notes · Issue #1552 · bitwarden/browser · GitHub - feel free to add any other details :+1:

Thanks for that tgreer.

How about the other issues I’ve written about, especially Auto fill is not working for these sites - #15 by Police911.

When will they be looked at or fixed?

The search function is fixed :slight_smile:

As for the other issue with autofill, we’re looking at a lot of items like that, but it seems like some sites are just not playing nicely with autofill - but hopefully, as we make updates overall, those issues will subside.