Auto-fill frustrations

The keyboard shortcut is only useful when you have 1 login for the domain. If you have e.g. 5~10 logins, the shortcut will cycle through the LAST used one first, and then go through the rest. There’s no granular control here. I don’t care about certain logins being used for auto-fill, in fact I even set those logins to never auto-fill, but the keyboard shortcut will cycle through them anyway.

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What you’ve written here is not accurate, so I’m wondering if there is some misunderstanding. If you edit the vault item and click the :gear: icon to the right of the URL to toggle the options for that URI field, and set the value in the dropdown menu to “Never”, then the item will not be included among the credentials that are cycled when repeating the Ctrl+Shift+L shortcut.

Thanks for your response.

I’m well aware of this, but this can’t be applied for all situations. Setting it to never means that the login will not appear in the selection list for that site anymore and you’d have to search for it in your Vault instead. If I have 10 different logins for e.g. Gmail, I’d want to see all 10 options in the selection list, as I may occasionally switch between the accounts. It’s much easier to look at what accounts I have available to select, rather than trying to search for them manually in the Vault.

What I want is to set the logins to never autofill, but still have them presented as an choice when I’m on that site. When I use the keyboard shortcut to cycle through my logins, it should only go through the ones that have autofill set to enabled. There should be a setting for this. Alternatively, just make autofill work consistently. Some sites don’t autofill the username/email, but clicking on the login would autofill it. Some sites will autofill automatically based on the custom fields you create, but some sites just don’t work at all.

Here’s an example site where it doesn’t work for autofill automatically:

Great, but it didn’t seem so when you claimed that the keyboard shortcut does not honor the “Never” match setting, which is why I wanted to clarify.

Why can’t you search for to bring up all accounts that use this URL?

Think about what you just wrote: “presented as a choice” implies that you want these items to be a choice for autofilling. So you simultaneously want the items to sometimes autofill and never autofill.

So what you really want is the ability to selectively disable the keyboard shortcut, not to selectively disable autofilling. This does not exist. The only autofill method that can be selectively disabled is the automatic autofill (“Autofill on page load”). For anything else, you would need to submit a Feature Request.

Please provide an example where the keyboard shortcut does not work, but clicking the account in the browser extension Tab view does work.

Now you seem interested in the automatic autofill option rather than the keyboard shortcut. Automatic autofill is never going to solve your problem related to selecting from a large number of matching accounts. And yes, on some websites, the “auto-fill on page load” function does not work, so you have to use the keyboard shortcut instead (which is safer, anyway).

One example of this is, which does not actually contain a login form when the page is first loaded — the page instead runs a bunch of scripts that draw the login form after the webpage has already been loaded. Therefore, any attempt to trigger autofill “on page load” will fail. However, if you use an on-demand autofilling method (like the keyboard shortcut) after the website’s scripts have finished rendering the login form, then it will work.

What I want is this:

  • Be able to see a list of relevant logins for the current site that I’m on. If I’m current on Youtube, I’d expect to see logins for, as well as any other Google logins, as these are considered shared accounts for the entire Google suite.

  • If I’m on e.g. or or any other website owned by Google, I’d only want my primary Google account to autofill on page load automatically. I may have 10+ Google accounts but I’ll use my primary one 99% of the time. I don’t need account B and account C to autofill automatically on page load. I also don’t want them to be included in the keyboard shortcut autofill. For the 1% of the times that I do need to login with these secondary logins, I’d expect to see them as a login choice for the current site, whether it’s under the Bitwarden context menu or under the Bitwarden extension icon.

  • If I were to set the “Never” match setting, these secondary logins would not show up for the current website I’m on. Having to search for, or or any other Google services is annoying and unnecessary.

Basically, I just want this to work like Lastpass. It does everything beautifully. It has never failed to automatically autofill logins on page load for any website that I use. I don’t even need to use keyboard shortcuts, because autofill on page load just works beautifully. The only reason I’m forced to use keyboard shortcut for autofill in Bitwarden is because autofill on page load just isn’t consistent across all sites.

Furthermore, Lastpass allows you to disable autofill for logins, but they are still choices that can be selected for the current page that you’re on. They don’t just disappear and require you to search for them in the vault.

Bitwarden already does this, as by default, it has configured,, and to be so-called global equivalent domains (which can be custommized in the “Domain Rules” section of your Account Settings in the Web Vault).

Go to Settings > Auto-fill, set the option “Default autofill for login items” to be “Do not auto-fill on page load”, and then edit the vault item for your primary Google account to override that default, enabling “Auto-fill on page load” for that item.

You can’t selectively disable one of the on-demand auto-fill methods (keyboard shortcut, right-click menu, browser extension Tab view) for an item without also disabling the others. If you want the ability to selectively disable the keyboard shortcut only, you’ll need to file a Feature Request and hope that other forum users support your idea. There are many former Lastpass users here, so who knows?

In any case, the keyboard shortcut will begin by auto-filling your most recently used account, so if you use one primary account 99% of the time, then you should not need to cycle through the other accounts except in the 1% of cases where you had previously accessed one of your non-primary accounts. So it doesn’t seem that this would be an issue you will encounter very frequently.

As I said previously, such situations can often (but not always) be remedied using custom fields; if you need assistance with custom fields, you can ask for assistance here. You should also know that Bitwarden is currently working on a re-engineered version of their auto-fill algorithm, which should be able auto-fill many websites that currently are not possible to auto-fill.

Go to Settings > Auto-fill , set the option “Default autofill for login items” to be “Do not auto-fill on page load”, and then edit the vault item for your primary Google account to override that default, enabling “Auto-fill on page load” for that item.

Yep, I’m doing that already.

OK, I guess I’ll wait till the new version is out. I don’t really want to use the keyboard shortcut for autofill, as it’s just an extra step and is a hassle. If it could just autofill 99% of the time, that would be great. If I want to choose a different account to login with, I’d just use the right click context-menu for that and that gives you more control as you’re able to accurately pick the one you want, rather than using the keyboard shortcut to autofill and cycling through the login items.

Great, then you no longer have the problem of Bitwarden automatically auto-filling accounts other than your primary account!