Hi guys. Thanks for Bitwarden, it’s a great and very ergonomic tool, does almost everything I need. And it works great.

The only thing why I’ve cancelled my subscription is how working with files implemented now. It is simply inconvenient, there is no preview for attached files (such as scans or whatever) And if you have a document that you’d like to keep in encrypted storage you should download it everytime from attachment and it is frustrating. Also when you download a file on your smartphone (android in my case) you can’t attach it to a mail or do anything with it. I understand that if you download the file, it’s security is not bitwarden’s concern anymore, but sometimes you do need this and I would prefer to store some sensitive docs in bitwarden’s vault rather than any other cloud.

And preview of files (at least images and PDFs) in web interface and on smartphone without downloading them would be extremely handy.

Anyway, many thanks for a great tool. I’d be happy to renew my transcription if there would be more options for file management.

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