ARM support

In Electron 6.0.8 they added Windows on ARM support. With the upcoming Surface Pro X and other 8cx devices it would make sense when it becomes possible to package arm binaries for Windows in Electron to do so.


With the growing number of Linux single-board-computers, Linux-ARM desktop apps are also overdue.

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A Linux ARM build would presumably also provide a path to running on Linux Mobile devices like the PinePhone and upcoming Librem 5?

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ARM support will eventually come as Apple has decided to transition to the ARM architecture for their Mac devices. Maybe in the future, the IOS app will directly run on Mac OS.
Microsoft is also working with the ARM architecture.


So I’ve been running the flatpak version on a PinePhone running Mobian (ARM based) and it does actually run.

Keyboard input doesn’t work quite right and it’s not optimised for the screen format obviously but otherwise it seems functional.

+1 for M1 ARM Mac support for the macOS app and extensions.


+1 for M1 Mac support.


Another +1 for ARM support. Just bought a couple of ARM devices that aren’t Android or iOS.

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Please do this. I need BitWarden on my PinePhone.

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Linux arm64 support

  • Yes, this includes changing any subcomponents (database, etc) that need to be updated/replaced to support the arm64 environment.

Feature function

There are millions of Raspberry pi 3/4 and other ARMv8 Linux devices out there. Support the desktop client on them by supporting the Linux arm64 environment. This is especially important in education and developing countries!

For those waiting on M1 Support (MACOS)

Just waiting on an update to build.yml.

So close…

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Any update on the Apple Silicon build? I need the desktop application.

Available currently

Why is this not listed in the Release Notes?

The release notes are intended to be a short recap with a more user-friendly focus. M1 support (due to rosetta) didn’t really change the behavior of the app, and thus was not a major item, but of course, is part of our GitHub changes that are available to view.

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Don’t know if this is a Homebrew, Bitwarden or me issue but when installing via Homebrew on Mac, the Intel application is installed instead of the Universal app. Had to get the Universal version from the Mac App Store.

I think homebrew is grabbing the ‘Mac’ build which is intel, instead of the universal binary that has both intel/m1. You can also download it from GitHub, but the AppStore version allows you to use Touch ID :+1:

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@tgreer Is there any plans to make a DMG M1 version? I prefer DMG’s over PKG’s.

Not to my knowledge @344yui8yhh. Any particular reason for the preference?

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To install the pkg you need Rosetta2 installed. Got the app extracted with “pkgutil --expand-full” but can’t run it. It says "you do not have the permission to open the application “”. Chmod doesn’t work.