Are there ways to fine-tune auto-fill?

I get errors when trying to log into my bank when using bitwarden. I found the reason for this is that at the top of the page there is a search box, and bitwarden has been populating my user name into that search box. it also populates my username into the username box as it should, plus the password. Bitwarden must be issuing an “enter” or “submit” command because the page begins to process without any input on my part.

  1. can I change bitwarden so that it populates login info but does not submit automatically?

  2. can I somehow train bitwarden to ignore that search box?

I tried deleting the credentials and starting from a fresh page where only the user name and password are populated and submitting manually, then choosing to save when prompted to save new login details. that still results in the same issue. (edit: on subsequent logins, it works fine on first try manually)

I’m not mad at bitwarden, fyi, I love this app and this seems to be the only website where this issue occurs. I thought there used to be a setting for populate vs. submit, but perhaps that was a previous pw manager I used.

Try Custom Fields: Custom Fields | Bitwarden Help & Support

I have never seen Bitwarden doing this.

Banks in general tend to create weird non-standard login-pages claiming that this would improve security. This is why lots of people have reported the issues they have (see here) while from my point of view they should have turned to their bank and complain to them.

I agree with @Peter_H here as well. Is there any chance you have a browser auto-fill running in addition to Bitwarden? You could test this by turning off Bitwarden’s auto fill for the login item you created for your bank.

I’d guess the bank’s website has some code that looks for some input being entered into a text box, then auto-submits it. I don’t think there’s anything you can do at Bitwarden’s end to counter this, unfortunately.

Would you mind posting a link to the login page?

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Thank you for your replies, sorry for the delay.

The bank site is

I am sure you are right that they have coded the page in an odd way. I appreciate the tip on copying the name of the custom field using Bitwarden, unfortunately it said it’s unable to determine the name of that search box field.

Hi @cestotetri - I had a look at your bank’s sign-in page, and it is definitely “unconventional” in the way it handles logins. I was able to replicate the behaviour you reported on Safari (but interestingly, not on Firefox). It looks like the Member Login form is actually presented within an iframe on the main site and there appears to be an auto-submit function in a script within that iframe. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do here to get around it, other than to inquire/complain with your bank. One would hope they would be supportive of their customers using password managers for their bank credentials and would be open to your issues.

I also know Bitwarden is trying to keep track of weird login issues like this for future releases. If you wouldn’t mind sharing your experience, I am sure it would be appreciated. You are welcome to follow the guidance provided by @tgreer in this thread:

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Will do. thanks again for taking a look at it. I’ll also see if I can send this issue to the bank, they’re in the process of doing a site redesign which when previewed drastically worsens the look and utility of their site, so i’m not surprised the login page has unconventional design too. :slight_smile: