Why won't this banking login page work with Bitwarden?

Bitwarden will not fill in this login page correctly and I don’t know why, grrr!!

  1. This is the login page: BankSA Internet Banking - Logon
  2. It requires three pieces of information to successfully login, Customer Access number, Security Number and Password.
  3. The Access number and Password are correctly entered via Bitwarden.
  4. I had to create a Custom Field for the securityNumber. Using ‘‘Inspect’’ in the browser, its id is securityNumber and it is 4 digits.
  5. If I let Bitwarden fill in the securityNumber, the login fails. If I copy and paste it from Bitwarden it also fails. If I edit the securityNumber in Bitwarden and type it in again, it still fails. If I type in the same security number manually into the login page it is SUCCESSFUL.
  6. I don’t understand why Bitwarden cannot fill the same number successfuly for me.

Can anybody help me here? thank you community.

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Hi @Gocat - welcome!

I can try to help, but I don’t have an account at this bank. Can you PM me your Card number, Security number, and Password?



NO - I am totally kidding!

Seriously, though - after Bitwarden autofills all three fields, try this: go to the security number field, and after the characters Bitwarden has filled, add a space, then hit Backspace on the keyboard to delete it, then hit Login. Out of curiosity, does that work?


I’m glad that you were kidding!!!

Yes, your suggestion worked!!

But why? What does this tell us? Is it a bug in Bitwarden?

Nice find David.


Glad you appreciate a quirky sense of humour!

Regarding the login issues, I have experienced this on a handful of sites. It seems to be some sort of script that detects keyboard input, probably as a deterrent to brute force attacks by automated logins (bots). The downside is that autofill won’t work, and I don’t think this problem is unique to Bitwarden.

I would love to hear of a solution if anyone has one!


Ah, interesting. ok, that makes sense.

So it looks like this is not a fault of Bitwarden or me! Ok then, I will just have to use that workaround or just type in that securityNumber each time - no big drama!

thank you.


Thanks @Gocat and @dh024 !

We’re trying to keep track of some of website…eccentricities… @Gocat any chance you could provide detail in the Google sheet on this Github issue? It helps us keep tabs on items that aren’t behaving as expected :slight_smile:

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Pleasure - done!!