Archiving, but not "seeing" previous logins

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Thursday, December 22, 2022 9:34 AM

Longtime user of Bitwarden
Was, but not now, part of non profit-
Lots of websites, logins,passwords, etc
I want to move, BUT KEEP, all these-
I don’t want to see them everyday,but would like
Access to them if new board calls and asks for something-
Any way to do that ?
Thanks !

Hello @BigMike7 - welcome to the community forums!

There is no archive feature in Bitwarden to do this yet, but here is a workaround:

worked great !
many thanks

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Any idea when this feature will be implemented? With an individual premium plan and two users, I cannot create another Organization for an archive, so this workaround won’t work for me. Jerry.

Hoping to re-open this feature request :). There have been many workarounds mentioned over the years and I’ve used quite a few, but it would be awesome to have a way to archive accounts/notes/cards/etc and not have them display along with the active items or within the search results. I’ve seen this request and/or similar functionality questioned across many platforms and pretty much the same response(s) every time I’ve checked.


  • Not my response… just one that seemed to address similar frustration.

I hear you… this goes against everything and why would you even…??.. I get it… but how many times have you thought you wouldn’t need something, just to delete it… and then boom… you all of a sudden need it? Whether that be “I threw the card away and I can’t remember or have access to view the old card information”, “hmm maybe I should archive this since it contains info that might be helpful in a last ditch effort of account recovery”, “don’t really need this anymore, kind of cluttering my search/view, it should be finnnnnne”, etc…

Bitwarden is awesome and I just wanted to submit this for re-consideration, so no salt please :cry:

This is not a feature request thread. If you are looking for the feature request, it can be found here: