App (version 2023.8.0(7466)) crashes after re-entering master password

  1. Enable biometrics authentication
  2. Create a login and in that login tick box for master password re-prompt
  3. close and then open app via biometrics(finger)
  4. Open login and try to see and password , it will try to reauthenticate , enter master password. app will crash

Same here. Pretty annoying. Hope it’ll be solved very soon :frowning:

Me too, issue on iPad and iPhone. Can’t access items on mobile devices that are protected with master password. Can only be accessed on laptop. Very limiting!

Thank you for flagging. The team is working on this asap. You can try to use the web app on mobile as an alternate route as well.

Same here, bitwarden unusable on both ipad and iphone. Actually even with brave browser extension there is some freeze.

Hi. It also happens on Android

Happening on both iOS and Android for the past week.

Ok, I got here to report the same issue. App crashes on Android after typing master password. Good to know the team is on the fix :slight_smile:

the issue also happens on the Chrome Extension, it gets stuck after re-entering master password

i cant also log in with web browser also

i cant log in any way

I have the same problem on Android, any time i enter the master password the app crashes. This is a really big problem and needs to be fixed fast.

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Same issue for me also crashing in Android

Same here, apple, android and mozilla