Android Face Unlock - Press to Continue

Currently (on a pixel 8) when you enable face unlock biometrics for bitwarden, and you unlock it with your face, it still forces you to “press to confirm” to complete the unlocking process.

This defeats the point of face unlock since you essentially have to place your finger on the screen to unlock it fully which is what you do with fingerprint unlock.

Can this confirmation page/popup be avoided/disabled?

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Welcome to the community @Valiantiam! Have you had a chance to follow these instructions from Google to see if it resolves your issue? Unlock your Pixel phone with your face - Pixel Phone Help

I have a pixel 7, but I would check within the Face Unlock settings (after going into face unlock settings you have to tap face unlock again to go to a deeper level of settings) for skip lock screen. It’s not enabled by default but at least for me once enabled I can just look at the phone and be right into whatever app I was previously with no other steps.

Hi yes. The phone is unlocking with my face.

To clarify I have biometric unlock enabled on the phone and its working great.
I also have biometric unlock enabled on bitwarden.

It works, but I get this page when it uses my face instead of just pulling me into the app that says “Unlocked using your face, please press confirm to continue”

Im able to confirm “Skip lock screen” is already set, and I do not have the “always require confirmation” enabled either.

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I’m pretty sure that developers can enable/disable support for the “Tap to Continue/Unlock” after face biometrics have been accepted. The global Pixel setting for “Always Require Confirmation” is the first thing users can do to skip the confirmation tap, but app developers need to actually allow it for it to work in their app.

So BitWarden would need to enable their app to skip the confirmation after face unlock is accepted. By default, the confirmation tap is required.

After some further research I believe you are correct.

This is a setting bitwarden would have to enable, or optionally, create a toggle for us to enable it ourselves.

I would love to see this. The confirm button is so annoying, making the face unlock experience NOT seamless like iOS.

I even looked at making the change myself to the source code but it seems the Bitwarden team either did not use this class or built the app before this class existed:

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Agree the confirm button is very annoying and unnecessary. Given it isn’t used on iOS I don’t see why we need it on android?

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I have a workaround through Tasker and Auto input. I’ve made a profile and when I get the dialogue with “accept”, Tasker clicks on that button.

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Great workaround but should not be required

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Can you share the Tasker task? Thanks

Please share details how you accomplished the workaround using Tasker.

Sorry for the late answer. I used “Autoinput”. That’s the easiest way for accomplishing the task.

I’ve made a profile “Bitwarden” and linked it to the task “unlock”. Autoinput detects the text “proceed” and emulates a click. Then Face recognition does the rest.

“Doorgaan” = “Proceed”

Dutch native…

Click the pencil and a wizard is activated. You can find Autoinput under plugins.

Can you please share details of the profile? The condition is what I’m having trouble with. Are you just saying that if Bitwarden is running and you find the “Confirm” button (not sure why you’re saying Proceed) that you click it?

If I run the click task manually myself, switch to Bitwarden, get face unlocked, the task does auto-click Confirm so we’re partially there…

You create a new profile.
Condition is “application” Then you select Bitwarden.

That means when Tasker detects that you open Bitwarden, it will check for a face recognition and when it sees the word proceed or confirm, it will click on that word. It’s not a perfect world, but great enough for me :wink:

I hope it’s clear enough. Sorry but I’m not on my pc so I have to type it on my phone. That’s somehow limited.

Just adding another comment to say the Tasker workaround is fine and good, but I’d much prefer that this actually get updated in the Bitwarden Android app so no workaround is needed!

Actually that has nothing to do with Bitwarden app itself. It’s the setting in Pixel. If you go to the Face Unlock menu, scroll to the bottom, there’s the option “Verify it’s you in apps”, turn it off, then you won’t be asked to confirm for all apps that use face unlock to open.

That’s not accurate, as mentioned in @Valiantiam 's previous comments:

I, too, can confirm I have that setting ticked on in my Pixel settings and some apps that updated their biometric code do not require confirmation, while others, including Bitwarden, do. This change needs to happen within the Bitwarden app code.