Android App doesn't recognize premium

I recently converted to Premium which works fine on my computers, but my Android app doesn’t recognize it. Whenever I try to view an attachment it tells me I need Premium.

Hi @jp0 - you will need to logout of the app and log back in again for it to recognize the upgrade in membership status. Let us know if that works for you! Cheers.


That worked. Thank you.

The experience is very confusing. I bought the premium subscription and was searching for a way to show the TOTP code on Android, but couldn’t find it. Would it be possible to enable the features automatically or at least show a banner that informs users that they need to logout and login again?

Hey @mimi89999 The team has put in a fix for new users but existing users may still experience this forr the time being. In-app notifications are a great idea and definitely on the roadmap. The team will keep working on ways to make this process more seamless.

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I have a premium account for about 3 days but Bitwarden on android app doesn’t recognize it. For TOTP it says “Premium subscription required”. I have logged out and back in. Restarted my phone. No luck.

Never mind. Re-installing the app fixed the issue. Thanks.

I also had to reinstall to resolve this. Perhaps that detail should be included in the info when you convert to premium?

Hi @lcreed and welcome to the Community!

You can probably just close the Bitwarden app, go into the App Settings, and delete all the Storage associated with the Bitwarden app. This is still not obvious though, so it would be good for Bitwarden to document this somehow.

I tried several things. Logged out and back in after a force stop and clearing of cache. I did not clear all storage. Whatever the solution is to get the app to recognize the upgrade, that should be documented.