"An error has occured, Access is denied. Please contact customer service"

I heard back from Bitwarden who suggested I try a different IP address with my VPN. That worked but is not a permanent solution since I don’t want to spend 5 plus minutes each time I login finding an IP address that works.

I have the same problem while using my VPN provided by Proton VPN.

Sorry, the issue not resolved. Doesn’t work with my IP address, local VPN IP address, or a number of other non-local VPN IP addresses. I have to go through the gambit of different IP addresses with my VPN to be able to login. And now I’m getting error messages when I update an entry.

Same here, created an account in the community forum due to this issue. Been a bitwarden user/subscriber for a few years and it’s great.

Hopefully, the devs resolve this issue soon.

Thank you, the issue seems to be resolved now.

I had bitwarden working on 3 of 4 devices at home. One device was giving the mentioned error.

To others who are still having this issue, try updating your browsers bitwarden extension:

  • in your browser settings update extensions.
  • Or, for bitwarden itself, right-click the browser extension icon > select manage extension > then click update. :smile:

Other things I did to get it working were. clear browser cache, then restart my computer. Login using email/password/2fa then worked correctly with no error. :white_check_mark:

Just to note, I’m not sure if the versions should match, but the chrome browser extension is updated to 2022.08.0 and the windows bitwarden program is still on 2022.6.2. The windows program says no update is available.

Thanks @Pneuma, the updated desktop client has yet to rolled out and will be available shortly.

Thanks for your patience everyone, please use the contact form for the team to diagnose and provide accurate support Get in Touch | Bitwarden

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I just started getting this error today, out of the blue. I have sent a message via the contact form to Bitwarden Technical Support. Thank you for the this thread, hopefully it will be resolved soon!

No offence, but I changed from LastPass due largely to lagard service.
Now, does this really show that the problem dates from 11 days ago ?? (11d)
COme on, duh!

Thanks for your patience everyone, if you’re seeing this issue, in most cases, your IP is most likely getting flagged by cloud protection services as malicious activity due to shared VPN or TOR /… for assistance, please contact the support team directly Get in Touch | Bitwarden

I contacted Support twice as a premium user, I did not get a respons, not even an acknowledgement or a ticket number. We have a company Vault, this could cause unsafe secret sharing. Please fix this.
Could there be a limit on the number of sessions on IP adress?

Hey @MarcDieHard are you using the contact form here: Get in Touch | Bitwarden you should receive an auto-response. I’ll check in with the team to see if anything has changed there.

If you can send me a DM with the email, or send it in a Bitwarden send, I can follow up with the support team. Is the team on a Teams or Enterprise plan?

Protecting cloud services is a moving target, and changing network/VPN connections will often resolve this issue as shared IP is getting flagged for malicious traffic.

thanks @dwbit

Yes I did use that contact form. Not quite sure what you mean with the “send me a DM with the email”.
It is a webform, not an email. Send it where as DM or BW Send?

I know there is a workaround, but this doesnt work out for everyone causing a major security risc because people are sharing secrets in an unsafe way now.

Enterprise plan.

Thanks for clarification, I’ll send you a DM.

Regarding security risk, cloud protection related to malicious IPs is pretty common, I get this warning on a lot of major websites, but I definitely understand the concern, I’ll shoot you a DM now and get you connected with the support team.

I did contact support, thank you.
But for your information, I do not use a VPN, and never have used Tor.
And yes, Opera has a VPN facility, but it is OFF.
Have a nice day.

Thanks for the update @Thierry_Roger, was the team able to resolve your issue?

Thanks for inquiring.
No, they have not replied yet or given any sign.
And I did check into my spam folders.
I will wait a bit.
Have a nice day.

Thanks for confirmation, just to clarify did you get an auto response back?

Same issue here with premium family subscription. Just reinstalled my OS and now i am unable to setup the browser extension or desktop client, i always get the error “an error has occured access is denied please contact customer service”.

No VPN on my side, just a new installation of Windows. Existing Clients like Mobile still works.

Update: Solution was to disable IPv6 when setting up Bitwarden. Please fix your Cloud Protection stuff.

Yes I did. They asked for details, which I provided, but since then no reply.
This was on 19 of August, 10:28am
Thanks for your help