"An error has occured, Access is denied. Please contact customer service"

If you are experiencing this issue, please use the contact form so that the team can diagnose and provide support Get in Touch | Bitwarden

This can often be resolved by switching network or VPN settings.


Am unable to login to bitwarden currently “an unexpected error ocurred”. Tried from different browsers.
Is there an outage at the moment?
This leads to my next question, how to take offline secure snapshots. Will search the community but if someone has a quick link that would be superb, thanks all!

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I see very weird behavior today my 2nd day of bitwarden usage. When I could log into my account via chrome browser it showed nothing, but mobile device shows me all my data I created yesterday. Now suddenly its not allowing to long-in and throws error ‘unexpected error occurred’ in the small popup in the top right. Whats going on?
Any help will be appreciated!!:pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

I also had this bug on a web browser, but I was able to log in through the app on my phone. I suspect that the phone/desktop apps take offline secure snapshots. For anyone debugging on the Bitwarden team, it’s a 500 Internal Server Error; the response calls it Error 1101.

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Same here, I could login from mobile device but browser is throwing unexpected error.

I cant login on web or sync any clients already logged in either.

Hi All,

Our engineers are checking on it.

Thank you for your patience.


I have two problems right now, possibly related:

  1. I can’t add a new entry from my Android app, I get “an error has occurred” when I try to save the new entry.

  2. Not sure if it’s related, but this morning I noticed that for existing records I have to auto-fill twice from BitWarden for it to actually copy the info to the input fields.

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Thank you, any ETA on when the bug will be fixed?

Why did I get “An unexpected error has occured.” even though the password and email are correct?

Bitwarden is down right now.

Technical work or something bad?

Same for me. Works on mobile, but multiple browsers on PC not working.

I have a Bitwarden premium account. I also enable 2fa via Duo. Since this morning, I can’t log in to my account with a generic error “An unexpected error has occurred”. I already make sure that my email and password were correct as one time it successfully redirects me to the Duo login page where you can request for push notif, but the error happens again before it can redirect me back to the login page for completion. Is there any issue with Duo integration at the moment? I can’t find any Duo health check online so I’m not sure.

Hello everybody,
A few days ago, I started getting this message when logging in through the TOR Browser / Firefox extension (“Access is denied. Please contact customer service”). It used to work fine.

I can’t access my vault on the website either with that browser, but I can on Google Chrome.
How to fix this?

Thank you.

… and then please let us know what caused it and how you got it solved.


I created an Account just for this… I had been facing exactly the same issue… " Access is denied. Please contact customer service "…

But when I tried to login to Bitwarden in Tor Browser today, I was successful… Makes me think that many tor nodes have blacklisted ips, which may be causing login denials…

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Have you contacted the support team using the link above?

Been having the same problem with online access via Safari and Firefox as well as the Firefox extension. Contacted customer support though with no reply yet. Have you heard back as to what the issue is yet?