Allow UPI payment methods

Hello… Good work from Devs… My satisfaction level out of bitwarden is 8/10… The 2 that is being left out is because of no Premium’s payment support for me.

I am a student (from India) so I don’t have a credit card… I tried using bitcoin but it asks for additional 60$ payment fees which is absurd… And paypal isn’t that good in India…
I was hoping if you could enable UPI methods or even you can try the “buy me a coffee” type sites in which we will pay through upi and get premium features in return…

This will increase my satisfaction level to 100/10 :wink:
Hope it gets implemented soon

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Hello @Lite_Yagami welcome to community forums!
As far as i know we could use Debit cards for payments too. Infact i had used one myself for premium susbcription.
Sometimes rupay card isn’t accepted so you have to check for yourself , but a visa or mastercard debit card should surely work.
I think for enabling recurring payments an e-mandate would have to be created.
Other payment methods like UPI would definitely be much more convenient for us but i don’t think it will be realised any time soon as it will increase the handling and transaction/compliance cost for bitwarden with relatively less user base.

Since , users from each country may find some other payment methods more convenient to them , maybe google play gift card method could be considered in future as google usually has support for local payment methods including UPI.
Feature request for it is here Allow payment with google play credit
But again i guess google would be charging some percantage based fee for it , so it may not be easy for them to go for this option too :sweat_smile:.
Cheers :+1:

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Thankyou for your reply!
May I know which bank’s debit card you used(is international transaction option a must?)? Also there is credit card option in payment window(no dc) did you use your debit card there only?

Yes , the card must support international transactions. And yes i used my dc in the option for credit card.
Bank doesn’t matter i guess , i had a bob card. If your Rupay card also has JCB card support
it should work for international transactions too.

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It does not seem like VISA and Mastercard work anymore. I am getting the following error:
“Your payment on BITWARDEN has been declined as it was non compliant as per RBI guidelines. Please retry payment on merchant App/Web :PPBL”