Allow payment with google play credit

Feature name

  • Google play credit as payment method

Feature function

  • This will allow payment through google play credit.
  • Some international credit cards might not be accepted which will allow for wider adoption. Additionally, google play gift cards are used for gifts for those who may not have a credit card or be too young to get one yet (but still want to be able to use premium features of bitwarden).
  • Lastpass does have this as a payment option so it would be nice to have this added as an option.

Related topics + references

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  • Lastpass allows users to use google play credit to pay for premium

I have so much Google Opinion Rewards credit to burn, I’d love to use it to support Bitwarden.

Wouldn’t even mind if it was slightly more expensive to account for Google’s cut.

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Completely agree with this. I would be okay with it slightly higher as well just to be able to use the google play credit.

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Please, I need this feature too!