Allow to extend width of popup widget and customize default width

Feature name

  • Configurable default width of popup widget with ability to temporary resize manually

Feature function

When we have many passwords, we must describe addition info about record in “Name” field, and as result - the last part of string is cutted by ... in Bitwarden Browser extension popup window, here is screenshot of problem:

To solve this problem will be good to add ability to change width (resize) of widget manually via dragging of bottom-right corner of popup widget.
Also will be good to have configuration of default with of widget in browser extension settings.

Here GitHub - rugk/offline-qr-code: 📱 Browser add-on allowing you to quickly generate a QR code offline with the URL of the open tab or other text! is example of resizable popup widget for WebExtension.

Current width-height is hard-coded here: browser/base.scss at 1fa3e3d68b2c380e8eca991ca3b7d27024665158 · bitwarden/browser · GitHub and in some other places: Search · 375px · GitHub
Will be good to make them, at least, configurable via extension settings.